John the Baptist.

What was the relationship between John the Baptist and Christ (Saviour/sinner; cousins; Master/servant; forerunner/King)? All

John’s father and mother were (Jacob & Rachel; Abraham & Sarah; Zach & Lizzi; Zacharias & Elizabeth).

John’s father was from the tribe of (Levi, Issachar; Judah; Dan). Levi

John’s mother was apparently from the tribe of (Levi, Issachar; Judah; Dan). Judah

John’s family was apparently living in the area of (Galilee; Samaria; Gaza; Judah) Judah

Zachariah was a (prophet, priest, king, tailor). Priest

Jesus’ mother and step-father were (Jacob & Rachel; Abraham & Sarah; Mary & Joseph; Zacharias & Elizabeth)

Jesus’ mother and step-Father were from the tribe of (Levi, Issachar; Judah; Dan). Judah

Apparently, for some time, Joseph’s family had been living in (Galilee; Samaria; Gaza; Judah). Galilee

From where had Joseph’s family originally come (Galilee; Samaria; Gaza; Judah) Judah

What city was that (Hebron; Jerusalem; Vancouver; Bethlehem)? Bethlehem

John could have been a (king; priest; tinker; tailor), but God called him to be a (prophet; priest; king).

John’s message was (“prepare for the King;” “prepare for the Kingdom;” “repent;” “give evidence of your repentance with baptism”). All

Was John expecting to see the Messiah (yes, no)?

Why was John called “the Baptist?

(Christ; Matthew; Herod; the Holy Spirit) called John “the Baptist.” All

When he began his ministry, did John know that Jesus was the Messiah (yes; no; probably: I don’t know)?

What was the event which appears to have launched the ministry of Christ (His election; His ordination; His foreordination; His baptism)? Baptism.

Who baptized Christ Jesus (the Holy Spirit; Elijah; John; Peter)? John

Why was Christ baptized (to wash away sin; to fulfill all righteousness; to authenticate John; to glorify Himself)? To fulfill all righteousness.

From where did John get his authority to baptize (Zacharias; the High Priest; the Church; Heaven)? Hvn

Was John Baptist a member of Christ’s church?

The origin of the church.

Where in the Old Testament can we find the word “church” (Gen. 13:5; Lev. 40:13; II Samuel 3:6; Hezekiah 12:2)? Not there.

Where in the Old Testament can we see the church of Christ? We can’t.

At what point in his ministry did John the Baptist start the first church (his bar mitzvah; circumcision; never; when he baptized Jesus). Never

The first place where “church” is found is (at John’s baptism; at Jesus’ baptism; in the Sermon on the Mount; Matthew 16:18). 16:18 – I will build my church…..

Did Christ Jesus have to explain what He was talking about when He first used that word?

A “church” is (a religious denomination; a religious building; a religious association; a called out assembly).

How many followers did Christ have prior to Matthew 16 (11; 12; dozens; a great many)? Many

How many “disciples” did Christ have (11; 12; dozens; a great many)? Twelve

Were the only “saved” people in the world at that time found among the twelve disciples?

The twelve became Christ’s special “disciples” when (they were baptized; when they were invited; when they were ordained; when they were glorified). Called/invited.

The twelve were baptized by (Jesus; Zacharias; Mary; John Baptist). Acts 1:22

The twelve were probably baptized (before Jesus was baptized; before Christ began His ministry; in the Jordan River; in a Bethlehem cattle tank). Before Christ and in the Jordan

Christ established His church when He (baptized the twelve; called a certain group of disciples to Himself; bought His first auditorium; applied to Capernaum city government for permission). Called

When did Christ call His twelve, inviting them to become disciples (Matt. 28:19-20; Mk.3:13-14; Lk. 6:12-13; John 3:36)? Mk. 3; Lk. 6

When do we see the first church in the Word of God (Matt. 28:19-20; Mk.3:13-14; Lk. 6:12-13; John 3:36)?

John Baptist (prepared; baptized; ordained; full taught) the first members of Christ’s church). Prep & bapt

Doesn’t this make John the (founder; father; origin; grandfather) of the church? No

One reason we know that John didn’t form a church was that (he had no church building; he never assembled a regular group of people; he denied it; Christ denied it). He never assembled a group.

Did John have “disciples”?

John never (joined the assembly of Christ’s disciples; was baptized; “followed” Christ; was ordained to the gospel ministry). All

John was (important; useful; useless; extraneous) to the establishing of Christ’s church. Impt.

When Christ spoke of “His church” in Matt 16:18, it is (likely; unlikely; undoubted; assured) that the disciples knew what He was talking about.

Many people say that the church started on the Day of Pentecost because (that is what they have been told; Acts 2 says so; Jesus said that the Holy Spirit was essential for ecclesiastical establishment; the evidence of the earlier establishment is being ignored). That is the common opinion contrary to the evidence.

Prior to the Day of Pentecost, in an upper room in Jerusalem (the eleven disciples; several long-time lady disciples; about 120 additional disciples; the Holy Spirit) were assembled. All

That the “number” of the names was about 120 suggests that (they were numbered; there was a list; the eleven cared about who was there; the room was pretty good sized). All

Many Bible scholars believe that “number” was (inaccurate; accurate; a church membership list; confusing).

If that interpretation is true then (the disciples could count; they had a secretary; cared about who was present; the church existed prior to Pentecost). All

Those 120+ people that day, prior to Pentecost met to (have the Lord’s supper; elect a successor to Judas; vote on church doctrine; establish the Millennial Kingdom).

To have an election suggests (organization; confusion; leadership; a will to go on).

Towards the end of that Pentecost (the sun came up; Peter became pope; Paul was saved; new converts were added)

To what were those people added (the list; the church; the army; the saints)? The church list.

Hebrews 2 is talking about (Peter, James, John, Christ Jesus). Christ

Hebrews 2:12 says that Christ (preached; ate the Lord’s supper; sang; rebuked Peter) in the (courtyard; backyard; church; assembly). Sang in the church or assembly.

How often do we hear Christ singing in any of the New Testament scriptures (once, twice, three times; never)? Once.

Doesn’t the Bible say that Christ will sing in Heaven (Yes, no)?

Christ Jesus sang (in a beautiful tenor voice; for His supper; after the Lord’s supper; in the church choir).

If the scripture says that Christ sang in His assembly, and the only time that we read of Him singing is in Mark 14:26, we might assume that verse talks about (His assembly; His church; a prophesy). Church

Are there other evidences of the existence of Christ’s church prior to Pentecost?

Which of the following are not church responsibilities (baptizing, preaching the gospel; teaching doctrinal truth). All of these are.

Which of these are not commanded of Christ’s churches until the Book of Acts? None of these

Where do we first read about Biblical church discipline (Matt 16:18; Matt 18:15-16; Acts 14;1-2; Rom. 8:1)

What office, an essential in today’s church, did Judas hold (County commissioner; usher; church elder; treasurer).

Judas left the church (before Jesus’ death; about the time of Jesus’ crucifixion; Acts 2; Acts 16).

Christ established His church (at the Passover; at the first Pentecost; during His earthly ministry; in eternity passed). During his earthly ministry.