Are there different levels of life between plankton and the maple tree?

Are there different levels of life between an amoeba and a man? Can you name them all?

Could there be different levels of life between man and God?

What was the pinnacle of God’s original creation (Man, humming birds, blue whales, angels)? Angels

What scripture proves your answer (Gen. 1:31; Gen. 1:26; Ps. 8:5; Rom. 3:23)? Psalm 8:5

Why would anyone refuse to believe in angels (ignorance, pride, rebellion, wisdom)? All but wisdom

The English word “angel” comes to us from which original language (Latin; Swahili; Anglo-Saxon; Greek)

“Aggelos” literally refers to (angles; angels, messengers, servants) Messengers

Because “angel” is not a Hebrew, we shouldn’t expect to find it in the Old Testament, right?

Of the 284 times that “angel” or “angels” is found in the Bible how often is it found in the Old Testament (57; 107; 207; 277)? 107

The Hebrew word translated “angel” literally means (angles; angels, messengers, servants) Messengers

The existence of angels.

How often can the words of Jesus Christ be trusted as true (sometimes, only when speaking about spiritual or moral things, always,, never)? Always

In Matt. 18, Jesus referred to the angels (of God; of children; of the saints; of Satan)? Children 18:10

That suggests the thought that (they serve God; they are assigned to specific people; they cannot sin; they keep the wheels of the world spinning). Guardian angels???

In Matt. 13 Christ shall send angels to (destroy the earth; teach all nations; gather the saints; gather the wicked)? Gather all that offend and commit iniquity. 13:41

Of how many angels does Christ speak in Matthew 26 (a legion, a million, twelve legions; a bunch)? 12

Are these the only places where the Lord Jesus refers to angels (Not on your life; I don’t know, yes)?

Did Christ recognize the existence of angels?

Did the common Jew in Jesus day believe in angels (It appears so, yes, no, what foolishness)? Yes

What is the likelihood that Jesus was accommodating His language to incorporate the superstitions of the Jews (highly likely; not very likely; not at all; the thought is reprehensible)?

Did Jesus ever correct the misconceptions or superstitions of the Jews (It appears so, yes, no, what foolishness)? Yes

In Col. 2:18 Paul condemned (immorality; belief in angels; idolatry, the worship of angels) Idolatry & worship

He said that when Christ returns for His saints, He will come with (trumpets, unicorns, banners, angels).

John referred to angels (22; 52; 72; 92) times in the Book of Revelation. 72

Who was it who wrote “(Christ) is gone into heaven, and is on the right hand of God; angels and authorities and powers being made subject unto him” (Jude, John Peter, Paul)? I Peter 3:22.

Who wrote “And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day” (Jude, John Peter, Paul)? Jude 6

Who was it who said “But we see Jesus, who was made a little lower than the angels for the suffering of death, crowned with glory and honour; that he by the grace of God should taste death for every man” (Jude, John Peter, Paul)? Heb 2:9

How likely is it that the Apostles recognized and believed in the existence of angels (highly, slightly, entirely, absolutely)?

Do you believe in the existence of angels?

The nature of angels.

Why should we say that Col 1:16 speaks of the creation of angels? (Aggelos; Gill says so; principalities and powers; the Holy Spirit makes me think so).

Who is the “host” spoken of by Nehemiah in Neh. 9:6 (the body of Christ; the armies of Heaven; the party-giver; angels)? Armies of angels.

What was the source of that “host” (evolution; Hobby Lobby; the Lord made them; the IRS)? Creator

If angels are created beings then (they must die; they are not the spirits of dead humans; they are eternal; they are spirits of yet unborn humans)? Not spirits of humans.

Heb. 1 tells us that angels are (old; helpful; spirits; ministers). “Ministering spirits sent forth to minister…”

Ps 104 tells us that God has made his angels (spirits, ministers, flaming fire, dealers of death) Not death.

Angels never appear so that people can see them (true; false)

II Pet. tells us that angels are (smarter, stronger, older, taller) than people. Greater in power & might. 2:11

Ps 103 tells us that angels excel (in excellence, pride, glory; strength). Strength 103:20

There are (seventeen; millions, billions; uncountable numbers of ) angels? Innumerable – Heb. 12:22

According to Bildad, the Shuhite, is there a number to God’s angels? (Yes, no, billion, quintillion). No

Michael is the name of (a famous artist; an angel; an archangel; an actor who portrayed an angel)?

Gabriel is the name of a famous (painter; baseball player; archangel; angel) Angel

It appears that angels have (names; different ranks; different responsibilities; eternal life). Names ranks

An archangel is (a very tall angel; a captain of angels; has osteoarthritis; obeys God). Obedient captain

The ministry of angels.

In Heaven angels (tell God about events on earth; stretch their wings; praise God; eat grapes). Praise Isa.6

Rev. 5 tells us that angels praise God for (their supper; creation; salvation; God’s judgment). Salv? v.12

What do angels have to do with our prayers (hear them; speed them; filter them; incense them) Rev.8:3-4

“Bless the LORD, ye his angels, that excel in ____________, that do his _____________, hearkening unto the voice of his ____________.” Ps 103:20 excel in strength – his commandments – voice of his word.

An angel helped Hagar by (healing her; showing her a fountain; telling her about God; protecting her) Gen.27

An angel helped Peter by (killing his enemies; giving him aspirin; releasing his chains; rebuking him).

Who is more involved in spiritual instruction (Michael; any angel; the Holy Spirit; the pastor) Holy Spirit

Does that mean that angels never teach or reveal things to people on earth?

Which of these was not instructed by a angel (Balaam; Mary; Daniel; John)? All were

Angels are often sent to minister to (the blind; the lost; the stupid; the heirs of salvation). Heirs, Heb. 1:14

But who was perhaps the main character on the first Passover day?

Who was told by an angel to head for the Gaza desert (Moses; Paul, Philip; Peter)? Philip, Acts 8:26

Who was sent by God to bring Peter and Cornelius together (Michael, Gabriel, an unnamed angel; Paul).

As Lk. 15:10 is generally interpreted angels have (surprise; interest; disgust; joy) when sinners are saved.

What saint did the angel help and encourage in II Kings 19 (Elijah, Elisha; David; Saul)? Elijah.

Who did the angels help and encourage in Matthew 4 (Mary, Joseph, Jesus; Peter)? Christ.

Who did the angels help and encourage in Luke 22 (Mary, Joseph, Jesus; Peter)? Christ.

Who greatly helped Paul while in the midst of Eurocyldon (Luke, Silas, an angel, Julius the Centurion)?

What is the likelihood that you have been blessed by God through the ministry of one of His angels?

In the light of Hebrews 1:14 can you be sure that you don’t have an angel sent by God to minister in various ways to you?

In the light of Matthew 18:10 can you be sure that you don’t have an angel of God to minister to you?

In addition to guiding and helping God’s saints, according to I Cor. 4:9 angels also (spank, kill, report, watch) God’s saints. Watch

How did the soul of Lazarus reach Abraham’s bosom (It flew; it was transponded; it sailed; it was carried by angels)? Literally? Carried – Luke16:22

What does Jude say about the dead body of Moses? (It was translated; it was fought over by angels; it was buried; it was buried in Joseph’s tomb)? Jude 9 – Michael & Satan contended over it.

Who shall gather God’s elect from the four winds and from one end of Heaven to the other (the Holy Spirit; Christ Jesus; the Devil; God’s angels)? Matthew 24:31

When the Lord returns to establish His millennial kingdom, who will come with Him (David, saints, angels, Yankees)? Saints and angels.