Dear Pastor and Brethren,

From time to time, the Lord places us under physical circumstances that overcome us.  Since the day after Thanksgiving until now we have been sick with some type of respiratory infection that does not seem to follow any of the declared symptoms that accompany Covid 19 or the flu. First I became sick, and then Roxanne became sick, and we were sick for four weeks with extreme weakness, fever, stomach discomfort, coughing, and heavy congestion. Thankfully, folks from the mission, and a few friends brought us food to eat and left it on the porch for us to retrieve. After the first week, we tried two different doctors and neither of them would or could help us. So we simply trusted in the Lord for His healing in due time. We are now out of it and able to return to our normal duties. We had to cancel all doctor’s appointments, translating sessions at court, and preaching commitments. Bro. Dick Gaches did the preaching for me until I was strong enough physically to return to the pulpit and my symptoms were gone. We do heartily thank all who have helped us and pray the Lord’s blessing on you all for having been a blessing to us.
We were able to return to the services on, and I preached on December 24. We do thank the Lord for His goodness to us throughout the sick period. I celebrated my 77th birthday on December 22, and received congratulations from many – thank you all. We are busy getting back into the swing of things by remaking cancelled doctor’s appointments, returning to our court translation services, and of course reestablishing our preaching commitments.

By His grace and in loving gratitude,

Tim and Roxanne Parrow