Dear Pastor and Brethren:

 December Blessings

              We have had a busy and blessed month in the work of the Lord. On the eighteenth of the month, we had a blessed service with 16 in attendance and a fellowship dinner after the morning service. One visitor was a first-time visitor, and the rest were visitors that attend from time to time. I began a new series of messages with a sermon entitled Introductory Statements to Knowing the Holy Spirit.  It was a blessing to me as well as to those who heard it. As we had not had a fellowship dinner for some time, it, too, was a delicious boon to our well-being.

On Sunday the 25th, Bro. Dick Gaches brought a message on Isaiah 9:6-7 and focused on the Lord’s name, Wonderful. Indeed, he is!

In addition to the above blessings, Roxanne and I had the blessing of having Kim and Matthew Williams in our home for lunch. They are a mother and son team that work and study at Oklahoma State University. Matthew works in the university library and is studying for his PhD in English. Kim works as a senior administrative assistant. Both experience liberal influences on a daily basis but are standing firm for biblical principles. They need our prayers.

 Latino Influence

 In our translation work, the following nine men have come under our influence: Luis Alberto, Franklin Gonzalez, Javier, Alejandro, Simon, Miguel Castillo, Pedro Sanchez, Isaias Pacheco, and Darwin Julian. Not all of these do we get to minister unto because they are still behind bars. Luis Alberto has been deported, and Pedro is still incarcerated. The rest are in the legal process of fulfilling their requirements to satisfy the demands of the law.  

 A Personal Note

I completed my 76th birthday on the twenty-second of the month. Thank you all for birthday cards and prayers for my health. I am doing well except for a weakness that just prevents me from doing much. Thank the Lord, I can still preach and teach, translate, and walk to the mailbox, only stopping two or three time to rest. To do anything else is so tiring that I have to rest frequently. My cardio-electro-physiologist says that it requires from six to twelve months to recuperate from the pacemaker operation. I am in my ninth month now since my procedure and not getting any stronger, yet. Please continue to remember me in your prayers. 

By His grace and in loving gratitude,

Tim & Roxanne Parrow

II Tim. 1:7