Dear Praying Friends,

If the weather bureau gets it right we are in for 4 or 5 scorching days. It is supposed to get up to 43 (109F) in Perth today! If so, it will be the hottest Christmas Day in Perth on record. The following 3 days are also supposed to be in the low 40’s (well over 100F). It is unusual for us to get a run of such hot weather. Thankfully we have air condition in the house.

Sister Pricilla has been taking piano lessons from Rebekah for some time now. Last week she, Sister Pricilla, played her first special at church. She was VERY nervous but did a good job. Her children didn’t know that she was going to be doing it and looked surprised when she walked up to the piano and began playing for the offertory. It is a joy to see people using their talents for the LORD!

Two days ago a man in Perth was found to be Covid positive. He had been in the community for 12 days while infectious and has managed to pass it on to 5 or 6 other people – so far. This the first time in about 6 months that a case of community spreading in our state. I say 5 or 6 case so far because most of the tests have been returned yet. There have been thousands of people tested and I suspect there will be several more people who are positive. So far our Primer has not put us in “lock down” but has insisted that people wear masks indoors and some events have been cancelled. I suspect there will be more restrictions come in AFTER Christmas. Mr. McGowan wants to look tough, but not TO tough as to cancel Christmas. Of course we are praying that the virus has not spread, but realistically, it probably already has. I was actually in Perth when the mask restricting was announced. When I left home, there was no restriction, but by the time I was leaving there was. I didn’t have a mask with me, but thankfully didn’t need to get out of the car and go into anywhere.

Please pray that this “outbreak” of Covid will not bring on the cancelation of services. We have a special service scheduled for December 31 and our Annual Fellowship Meeting is scheduled for January 22. The State government could easily force both to be cancelled. We also have some elderly people in the church and others with health issues who could be in trouble if this does become a major outbreak.

The mail from the US to Australia has been ground to almost a complete halt. Our home church has not been able to send us any bundles of mail for some time now, and I am sure others have been unable to mail things. What has come through has taken MUCH longer to get to us than usually. SOOO, if anyone has sent anything via slow mail, it will probably be MUCH slower than normal. Having said that, we want to thank each of you who have sent cards and special offerings at this time of year. We certainly appreciate them.

Again, thank you for your part in the ministry here in Australia.

In His service,
The Meredith family