Who is generally considered the penman of the Book of Genesis? Does it doesn’t matter whether or not he was given written accounts of Creation, inscribed by Noah, Enoch and Adam? Could it be said that Moses was a prophet of God? Did the Lord ever speak directly to Moses? Even if we make the erroneous assumption that God did not speak to Moses, did that man teach literal Creation? Moses taught Creation in Genesis if no where else.

There are not many direct references to Creation in the Pentateuch, but there are incidental references.

Creation in Exodus.

Where was Moses when he first met God on a direct, personal level? (Burning Bush – Exodus 3.) Do you suppose that Satan could duplicate the impression of the burning bush? The fact that the bush was not consumed by the fire makes this a what? What similarities does this have with creation itself? God describes Himself as Whom in verse 6? Among other things, what did Abraham know God to be? (Creator.) How does God describe Himself, or call Himself in verse 14? What does that mean?

What does Moses’ first miracle indicate about God ( Exodus 4)? Did the later miracle of the Egyptian magicians change the nature of God’s miracle? Was it a duplication? What do the ten plagues teach about God? What sort of specific power was required to hold up the waters of the Red Sea?

What do I mean by the Decalogue and where is it found? (Exodus 20.) Who is the source – Who wrote – the Ten Commandments? All of the Scriptures are divinely inspired, but the Ten Commandments were divinely inscribed. If any of the Bible should be believed, then this should be at the top of the list. What do the Ten Commandments teach about Creation? What does Fourth Commandment say about the time that the Lord took to complete Creation? If God’s days are not the same as man’s days, then God seems unable to communicate with man. If God wanted to say that He created everything over vast eons of time He could easily have said so. Remember that the sabbath was not only for man’s benefit but for all of creation. Was the “sabbath day” instituted by the Ten Commandments? When did the Lord start sending the manna? (Exodus 16.) How many days a week did the manna come? Does the Book of Exodus in any way cast a doubt over the testimony of Genesis to Creation? If some wants to call God a liar, he better prepare to face the consequences.

Creation in the Wilderness period.

What were some of the miracles of Israel’s Wilderness period? (Pure water, new water, manna, serpent bites, Balaam’s ass, shoes, quails …) Isn’t there a sense in which every true miracle requires the power of the Creator?

Do the laws of God teach us anything about Creation? What right does God have to demand that we obey His rules? Did Noah believe that Jehovah was the Creator of all things? Genesis 9:1-6. How closely related to Genesis 9 is Leviticus 17:10-14? Are there many capital crimes described in the Bible? What are some of them? By what right does God say that some people should be put to death? Why did God demand that Israel destroy the religions of the heathen? (Deuteronomy 4:14-19.) What does Deuteronomy 4:32 teach about Creation? What does Deuteronomy 4:39 teach about Creation? What does Deuteronomy 10:12-14 teach about Creation? What does Deuteronomy 32:1-9 teach about Creation?

Creation in the Book of Job.

From what you know, would you think that Job possessed copies of the scriptures? How would he know the things that he knew about the Lord?

From what you remember, are there many references to Creation in Job? This book contains more references to Creation than any other book except Genesis. Why aren’t we surprised by that? What quotations do we have to Moses or to the Book of Exodus in the Book of Job? (None.) Why aren’t we surprised by that? (This book was probably written about the time of Abraham.)

What does Job teach us about Satan’s relationship to God? How does this compare to what we have seen in Genesis? Were Satan’s attacks upon the family of Job miraculous? Creative?

Were Job’s friends as spiritually astute as he? Were they ignorant of God? What did Job’s friend Eliphaz, the Temanite, call God in Job 4:17? Why did he call man’s body a “house of clay” (Job 4:19)? Where did he get this idea? What if someone argued that he was thinking about evolution? What does Job 5:9-10 suggest about Eliphaz’ opinion about the Creator?

What did Job believe about Creation? The heavens were created by God – Job 9:8-9. What does the word “alone” suggest? (Big bang?) He was created or made by God – Job 10:8-12. What does Genesis 3:19 tell us, and how does that relate to this scripture? Animal life was made by God – Job 12:7-10. The world and the heavens were created and are maintained by God – Job 26:5-14. Did Job ever meet Adam? What did he believe about Adam (31:33-35)? If Adam wasn’t a real person, could we believe anything that Job had to tell us about the Lord? How old was Job when he died? (Job 42:16) What does this suggest about the time period in which he lived?

Elihu was perhaps the most spiritually perceptive of all Job’s friends. What did he believe about creation? (Job 33:1-6.) What did he believe about God’s maintenance of Creation? (Job 34:12-15.) What does he call God in Job 35:10 and 36:3?

What did Job and his friends know about the Flood? Is Job 12:12-15 talking about Noah’s Flood? Is Job 14:17-20 talking about Noah’s Flood? Is Job 22:15-17 talking about Noah’s Flood?

God’s monologue (Job 38-41). Job 38:4-11. Where do you think that Job resided? How far do you think that he travel during his lifetime? How many glaciers and polar ice caps do you think that he ever saw (Job 38:29-30)? What creatures described in Job 39-41 are hard for us to identify today? Behemoth (40:15-23) and leviathan (41). Are these mythical creatures? Why don’t we have animals today which match these descriptions?

Thus far, Genesis, Exodus, the rest of the Pentateuch and Job all teach and reiterate divine Creation.