1. What three major events take place at the close of the Millennium prior to the Eternal Kingdom? (The release of Satan and his war against the Lord, the renovation of the earth, and the Great White Throne Judgment).
  2. In regard to the first event (Revelation 20:1-10) . . .
    1. Has Satan already been bound and locked away? (Amillennialists say that He took place during Jesus’ ministry and that he was released at Jesus’ ascension into Heaven.)
    2. When will Satan be bound? (At the close of the Tribulation and prior to the Millennium.)
    3. How long will Satan be bound? (A thousand years).
    4. Will Satan be deceiving the nations or the lost during his incarceration? (No.)
    5. Where and what is that bottomless pit? (Next to nothing has been revealed about this.)
    6. When will Satan be loosed from his prison and how long will he be free? (At the close of the Millennium and only for a little season?)
    7. Will Satan’s “jail time” bring about his reformation? (No.)
    8. Will the sinner’s time in Hell or the Lake of Fire bring about reformation in him? (No.)
    9. After Satan’s release whom will he be able to deceive? (The unregenerated).
    10. How will Satan be able to do this if the Lord is ruling with a rod of iron? (Divine permission).
    11. Will God’s sovereign governmental (the Millennium) rule change the hearts of sinners? (No.)
    12. Will the revolt against the Lord be just a minor rebellion? (No.)
    13. Why will the Lord permit this final rebellion? ( Apparently to prove that sinners are incorrigible.)
    14. What will likely be the “camp of the saints”? (Jerusalem).
    15. What will happen to the rebels?
    16. What will finally happen to Satan?
    17. Why will he be tormented rather than just destroyed or simply locked away? (Judgment).
  3. In regard to the second event (II Peter 3:7-13) . . .
    1. What happened to the creation in general after man sinned against the Lord (Genesis 3:17-18)? (Cursed).
    2. Wasn’t the curse removed at the beginning of the Millennium? (Although creation will be greatly blessed, not all the curse will be completely removed).
    3. What would be the explanation for that? (There will still be sin on the earth).
    4. What does the “Day of the Lord” include? (Everything from the translation of the saints to the final battle of Gog and Magog and the renovation of the earth by fire).
    5. That judgment and the renovation of creation bear some similarities with what other great event? (The flood).
    6. What do the words “kept in store” and “reserved unto fire” suggest? (An appointment).
    7. Some people believe that this renovation will take place before the Millennium, but what do the words “against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men” suggest in this regard? (That this will take place in conjunction with the Great While Throne Judgment).
    8. What will happen to the heavens, when the Lord prepares it for the eternal kingdom? (They shall pass away).
    9. What sort of heat will it take to melt the elements?
    10. What will happen to the earth? (Burned up).
    11. How will the Lord protect the saints who will pass into the eternal kingdom? (???)
  4. In regard to the third event (20:11-15) . . .
    1. Who will be sitting on this throne? (Christ – The Father judgeth no man, but hath committed all judgment unto the Son).
    2. What will happen to the heaven and the earth at this time? (“Fled away” – burned up).
    3. Is there any symbolical significance in the size and color of this throne?
    4. Who are they who will stand before this throne? (The dead).
    5. Will there be any righteous who will be dead at that time? (No.)
    6. So will this be a judgment between the righteous and the wicked? (No.)
    7. What books will be opened at this judgment? (Lamb’s Book of Life and others about which we can only guess).
    8. What other books will likely be opened? (The law, and records of the lives of the dead).
    9. Why are their works going to be judged? (To determine the depth [not extent] of their judgment?).
    10. What is the word translated “hell” in this passage? (Hades).
    11. Is this hell, what most people picture as hell? (No.)
    12. What is it that most people picture when they hear the word “hell”? (They picture the Lake of Fire).
    13. What does the Scripture mean when it says that “death and hell” were cast into the Lake of Fire? (Those who were spiritually dead and whose souls were then in hades will be cast body and soul into the Lake which burneth with fire and brimstone).
    14. Is this lake real or just a metaphor for something else? (Real).
    15. What will be the determining factor in the condemnation of these people? (Whether they are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life).
  5. How can we know whether or no our name is in that book?