Put the following four items in chronological order : (_____the Nation of Israel; _____ the Patriarchs; _____ Creation; _____ the laying aside of Israel). 3,2,1,4

Put in chronological order the following four items: (_____the Great White Throne Judgment; _____ the Millennium; _____ the Church; _____ the Tribulation.) 3,4,1,2

The Tribulation will be (an extended period of trouble; a period of peace; the preparation of Israel; a catastrophe for God’s church). Preparation for Israel

The Millennium (started with Christ’s incarnation; will be an extended period of peace; will feature the direct rule of the Messiah; will end in blood-shed). All except incarnation

The Millennium will last for (a millennium; a million years; a million months; a thousand years). Thousand

The only time that God’s word speaks about a thousand years is here in Revelation 20. No

The only time that God’s word speaks about the Kingdom of Christ lasting for a thousand years is here in Revelation 20. Yes

The word “millennial” is (a verb, a noun, an adverb; and adjective). Adjective

Which things are the same – (the Millennium; the Tribulation; the Millennial Kingdom; Christ sitting upon the throne of His father David). Not the tribulation

The events which will bring the Millennium to a close.

Will (air pollution; lack of food and water; man’s sin; Satan’s rebellion) end the Kingdom of Christ? None these

The Millennium will be kept from becoming a million years by (war; Satan; the will of God; man). God’s will

Why doesn’t God want it to last for a million years?

With the Millennial Kingdom lasting for so long, and assuming that the world’s population will continue to grow without much death, will food and adequate water become a problem? No

Revelation 20 is (25%; 48%; 77%; 91%) of the way through the book. 91%

Since Revelation is a prophetical book, and the last book of the Bible, we might expect it to deal with (salvation; the last of things: God’s glory; Jesus’ birth). The end of things

If we assume that Revelation 20 is a prophecy of the end of the Millennium, which of these events must be toward the close of that period (Satan’s release; Satan’s war against Christ; resurrection; the Great White Throne judgment). All of these

During the Millennium, Satan is (in Heaven; prince of the power of the air; bound; in the pit). Pit bound

A “bottomless” pit is (impossible; inescapable; miraculous; inexplicable). Not impossible

Satan was chained and “pitted” at (the end of the Tribulation; Jesus’ incarnation; Jesus’ ascension; during the Tribulation). Beginning of the Millennium

He will be bound (with hemp rope; upside down; for a thousand years; for eternity). Thousand years

During the Millennium Satan will be (“channeled” through various media; deceiving the nations; blinding the minds of them that believe not; powerless). Out of the picture

At the end of the Millennium, Satan will be (very, very old; released; rescued; blinded). Released

Satan’s “jail time” will bring about his (reformation; conversion; reorientation; reeducation). None of these

Similarly, a thousand years in Hell will bring about the sinner’s (reformation; love toward God; conversion; escape). None of these

The people of the Millennium will include (redeemed Israelites; children born during that time; glorified saints from ages past; the unconverted). All of these

Upon Satan’s release he will (kill; deceive; cast into Hell; organize) some of these people. Deceive & orgnz

Christ’s sovereign rule during the Millennium will (not automatically change human hearts; punish the openly wicked; make Him rich; bring His glory). Not affect His wealth

Those whom Satan deceives will come from among (redeemed Israelites; children born during that time; glorified saints from ages past; the unconverted). Unconverted including children born

Satan will get away with this because he will have (divine strength; divine permission; divine omniscience; divine promise). Permissive will of God

Apparently, the Lord will permit Satan’s release and rebellion in order (to prove man’s innate sinfulness; man’s incorrigibility; the inability of a good environment to change the hearts of sinners; to bring the Millennium to a close). All of these

Satan finally will be (incinerated; incarcerated; incapacitated; in torment). Incarcerated in torment

II Peter 3:7-13.

After man’s initial sin, creation in general was (cursed; cured; collapsed; crushed). Cursed

At the beginning of the Millennium the curse upon creation was (lifted; eased; forgotten; cancelled). Eased

As long as (Satan exists; sinners exist; God exists; outer space exists) the curse will continue in some way.

At the close of the Millennium the heavens and earth will be (happy; dissolved; glorified; exonerated).

The judgment of creation at that time bears some similarities to that of (the Babylon captivity; the destruction of Jerusalem under the Roman Titus; the Fall; Noah’s flood). The flood

The words “kept in store” and “reserved” suggest (mother’s pantry; appointment; something is for sale; God has a plan). The appointment of God

“Against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men” suggests a connection with (a prophetic lean-to; Satan’s rebellion; man’s judgment; the Great White Throne) The sinner’s judgment at the Throne

The sort of heat necessary to melt all the elements of the universe would be (quasarian; enormous; divine; impossible). Divine

This says something about (God’s power; Satan’s wickedness; God hatred of sin; the durability of the elements) God’s power and holiness

The Lord‘s saints will be (spared; protected by grace; consumed with everything else; awestruck).

Revelation 21 & 22.

After the judgment of the wicked and the dissolution of creation, there will be (nothing; nothing but God; a new Heaven; a new earth). New heavens and earth

Of the first creation, there will be left (nothing; the rudimentary elements; the redeemed; ashes).

The new heavens and earth will be (created from nothing; astoundingly beautiful; just like the first creation in its original state; divine).

The new heaven and earth were first revealed to (Moses; John; Ezekiel; Isaiah). Isa 65; 66:22

A new earth will be necessary for (the saint’s feet; the angel’s service; to fulfill the promises to Abraham and Israel; God). Eternal promises

Israel’s eternity should not be described as (glorious; “going to Heaven;” holy; adequate). Heavenly

The eternity of the redeemed Gentile’s should be described as (Heavenly; eternal; Christ; happy). Christ

The Lord will bring people from the old earth to the new earth by way of (Milwaukee; the Suez; translation; we don’t know). Translation?

Among conservative scholars there is (absolute agreement; confusion; general agreement; rejection) of these two chapters. General agreement

Do they all agree that Revelation 21 is talking about eternity?

Is Revelation 21:24-27 talking about eternity?

“Nations” is referring to (Canada and the United States; unredeemed Gentiles; Gentiles saved during the tribulation; Gentiles saved during the Millennium). Gentiles saved during the Millennium

There will apparently be (a capital city; a temple; an international highway; an international airport) during the Millennium. City and temple

After the Millennium there will be (no; a magnificent; a golden; a divine) temple in Jerusalem.

That means that there will be (no; private; universal; Christ’s) worship throughout eternity.