A Biblical church is an ecclesia – which means (Bride; assembly; body; building). Assembly

The difference between “a church” and “the church” is a matter of (linguistics; the difference between definite & indefinite articles; specific and generic; a single congregation and all of the churches of Christ).

The Lord’s church does not include (angels; John the Baptist; all saints; unbaptized babies). Yes

Christ’s church does not include (baptized babies; children sprinkled with holy water from religious fonts; elect but unregenerated saints; professing Christians who are members of “churches” founded by men).

(Eliminate the incorrect) – A church of Christ is (an assembly; of saved; scripturally baptized believers; who have covenanted together to serve the Lord according to His Word). It is all correct

Does the Bible speak of the Lord’s church as all the redeemed?

When you look at the building on the corner of Spokane street and 12th avenue are you looking at one of the Lord’s churches? No; you are looking at the place where the ecclesia meets

According to Eph. 2:21; Matt. 16:18; and I Cor. 3:10, it would (unbiblical; unreasonable; irresponsible; acceptable) to speak of the Lord’s ecclesia as a building. Acceptable if explained

A building might be used to speak of a church (accurately; allegorically; figuratively; Biblically). Last three

So why shouldn’t we call the white building with grey trim on north Spokane street a church of Christ (it is misleading; it is inaccurate; it confuses the truth; God would strike us dead)? Misleading, confusing, inacc

According to (Eph. 2:21; Col. 1:18; Rev. 21:3; I Cor. 3:10) one of the Lord’s churches might be described as His body. Col. 1:18, 24 Christ’s body, which is the church

When you look at one of the Lord’s churches, can you see the face or shape of Christ?

Our church may call a church the body of Christ because (it is; the Bible does; it has ten toes; we’re nuts).

As living body’s have heads, who is the head of the body of Christ (Satan; the pastor; God; the Son of God)? Col 1:18 And he is the head of the body, the church

In the Bible, both the church in Corinth and the church in Colosse were the body of Christ, because (Christ can have more than one body; the Bible says so; “body” is a figure; a “body” has a figure).

Which is not a Biblical way to look at the Lord’s church (a building; a body; a river; an assembly)? A river

Are there any other ways to illustrate or describe the Lord’s church?

By what authority can someone speak of the Lord’s church as a Bride (intuition; infatuation; education; scripture).

The Bride of Christ.

The Book of Revelation is (prophetical; chronological; mystifying; exciting). All of these

The first part of Revelation speaks of (Christ; the Millennium; the tribulation; some of Christ’s churches).

Most of the middle part of Revelation speaks about (yesterday, today, the future; the tribulation). Trib

Towards the end of Revelation (chapters 19-22) we can read about (the glorious return of Christ; the Millennium; Armageddon; eternity to come). All of these

We can say with absolute assurance that the marriage of the Lamb will take place (after the Millennium; after the Tribulation; after the Great White Throne; just before eternity). After the tribulation

The First epistle to the Corinthians was originally intended (to be read in Rome; for all Christians everywhere; for the saints of the 21st century; the church in Corinth). The Corinthian church

That letter was written (under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit; under duress; at the suggestion of Jehovah; because Paul was mad at those people). Inspiration

As far as the scriptures are concerned, the inspiration of God (affects the thoughts of the writer; chooses the illustrations that he uses; touches every word that he uses; makes the Word of God trustworthy).

Paul told the church in Corinth that he was “jealous over you with godly ___________________: for I have ______________ you to one husband, that I may present you as a chaste ___________ to ____________.

Paul was suggesting that that church was going to be (glorified; destroyed; praised; married to Christ).

The church in Corinth was (an exceptionally effective; sinlessly perfect; more than usually righteous; a problem-filled) church. Problems

The likelihood that this specific church, and only this church, would become the Bride of Christ is (non-existent; small; reasonable; guaranteed).

Is it possible that when Paul told that church that he had espoused it to Christ, he could have said that same thing to all of the other churches which he had established?

Ephesians 5:22-28.

The Bride of Christ includes (today’s saints; godly ladies; godly ladies only; Baptist church members). X

The primary theme of Ephesians 5:22-28 is (the Bride of Christ; the church of Christ; the sacrifice of Christ; the godly home). Husbands and wives

For the husband is the _____________ of the wife, even as ____________ is the _______________ of the _________________: and he is the saviour of the _______________.

In that scripture we are told that a church of Christ is a (Bride; body; expression; extension) of Christ. Body

However, we are taught that there is (a translation; a parallel; an agreement; an illustration) seen in the relationship between an husband and wife and between Christ as His church).

Ephesians 5:22-28 (does not; does) clearly say that Christ and His church are married). Doesn’t

Revelation 19:6-9.

The reigning Lord God of verse 6 is (Jehovah; Siva; Alla; Christ Jesus). Jehovah, the Christ

In the next verse He is called (Jesus; the Saviour; the Lamb; Jehovah). The Lamb

At that time, the Lamb is preparing (for supper; to judge heaven and earth; to slaughter the wicked; to marry).

Christ will finally marry (Mary Magdalen; Rebecca; the other Mary; Johanna). None

Will Christ, the Lamb, be marrying one specific woman?

The Bride will be dressed (in white; in her best dress; in righteousness; in salvation).

You could scripturally say that she is (redeemed; saved; enrobed in the righteousness of Christ; glorified).

Since there is a reference to the “righteousness of the saints,” this scripture proves that the Bride of Christ (has been canonized; has been living exceptionally godly; includes all the saved; is veiled). Is saved

Those who are “called unto the marriage supper” are (children of Satan; the Bride of Christ; currently in hell; angels). None of these

Those invited to the supper do not appear to be (the groom; the Bride; the angels; the Father). Yes

Those invited to the supper are all (blessed; redeemed; dying; dead). Blessed & redeemed

Is there a difference between the bride and those who are invited to the supper?

Revelation 21:1-2; 9-12.

By this chapter, the Lamb’s bride has become (Lamb chops; the Lamb’s Bride; a big city; the New Jerusalem).

In this chapter the bride and the new Jerusalem are (husband and wife; equated; eternal; happy). Equa

There will be no temple in the New Jerusalem/Bride of Christ because (worship will have become useless; worship will have become unnecessary; Christ and the Father will be there; the saints will become one with God).

There will be no sun or electric lights because (the sun was burned up during the Tribulation; the River of Life will not be dammed; the glory of God will lighten the place; the Lamb is the light there of).

Those who enter the New Jerusalem will all be (sinless; redeemed; righteous; recorded in the Lambs book of Life). All of these

If the city is equivalent to the bride of Christ, then these visitors are (redeemed but who are not in the Bride; Jews; unsaved; angels).

In both Rev. 19 and 21 there appears to be a distinction between all the redeemed and the Bride.

If the Bride of Christ will be made up of the Lord’s churches (non-members; non-saved; saved Lutherans; saved Episcopalians) will not be in the Bride.

If God Christ established only one kind of church – one church – then only members of that church (are saved, will be taken to Heaven, will be glorified; will be a part of the Bride of Christ). Part of the Bride