The LORD hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad Ps.126:3

Praise, Honour and Glory, to the Almighty sovereign for ever and ever!!!

Dear in the Christ, David, your family and church of the Savior at you,

The grace to all of you, yes will be increased for glory of Sovereign God!

We bless the Lord for great mercy the Him to us in Siberia!

The Lord has put one more soul to The church through a baptism. On a photo you see service where there was baptism brother Vladimir. We praise Sovereign Grace of the Christ, for wonderful affairs of God in Siberia. At us hard times have come, the gospel to people is very difficult to inform. And here we see, how God chosen in the Christ from creation world, places in The church for glory of the Christ! Glory and Praise to God!!!

We continue to preach on villages and cities the Grace Gospel, at all obstacles. For last month, I had to repair 2 weeks the car (we bought the car from other owners, and they used a him for transportation of the goods, and metal on a back part has burst). I searched for many spare parts, and welding works. It has brought huge expenses for repair. But God always blesses us. The Lord has given the chance to me to tell about the Christ and to present disks with sermons to many people. Yes to become famous the Lord in rescue of these people!

We continue to write down sermons and to expose in the Internet and as we write CD and DVD and we extend a message about Jesus Christ the King of kings!

We ask you, pray for us, we in December plan to visit churches in the north of area, these are thousand kilometers on ice roads and through a taiga. We still have a few forces for service, but I already grow old and began to get tired strongly. Very much we need filling by force of the Holy Spirit for glory of the Christ!

We always remember you in our prayers for you and your church!

Yes will visit you Holy Ghost and yes will bless you with love to Jesus Christ and a glorification of God of the Father for great gift of the Sky, Lord Jesus Christ for rescue of all whom the Father has given to the Son!

Abundance of amazing Grace of the Christ on your souls for glory of the Lord!

With love in the Christ, the slave to the Almighty for glorification of the Christ,