Dear Pastor and Brethren:
Three New Visitors!

Since the educational systems are starting their fall schedules here in the Stillwater area, we were blessed with three college-age visitors the last Sunday in August. Rhiaynn, Jacob, and Logan were seated in the auditorium when Bro. Gaches and I entered from being in prayer before the service. We went through the usual terms of introduction and began the service. All three are sophomores at OSU, and all three have some religious background. Rhiaynn lives across the street from our church building and after the service said that she and her friends might return the next Sunday. Sadly, they have not returned. However, they did hear a message of salvation and the need of sinners to come to Christ to receive it. I preached the third message on the subject of, “The Role of the Holy Spirit in the Divine Work of Regeneration.” Perhaps they will return sometime in the future, we hope.

Outreach Activity

We had the opportunity to work with eight Latinos and one Chinese woman in the court. The Chinese woman said that she spoke a little Spanish, and just a little bit of Spanish she did speak. When I began to talk to her about her court case she quickly let me know that she didn’t understand that kind of Spanish. As she was there for using cocaine the authorities had to get someone from the university who spoke Mandarin to translate for her. I gave her a Gospel tract written in Spanish, but she couldn’t read it. Maybe she will find someone who is bilingual who will read it to her.

Personal Note

Roxanne and I made a trip to Edmond to make the first visit to the endocrinologist to whom we were referred. On the twentieth and twenty-first of September Roxanne will be involved in a thyroid uptake scan. The results will determine whether or not she will need part of her thyroid removed or all of it. Please remember us in your prayers.

By His grace and in loving gratitude,

Tim and Roxanne Parrow