August 2019

Three New Visitors!

In August, we had three new visitors brought by Joe Ball to our Sunday morning service.

They were Joe’s father and mother and grandfather. Joe said that it was the first time he had ever seen his parents in a regular church service outside of a funeral service in his entire lifetime. Please remember David and Betty Ball and the grandfather, Dee Ball, in your prayers. I did preach the gospel to them, and we would like to see this family come to know the Lord. So far they have not returned, but we are praying for them.

Hispanic Outreach

Our Hispanic outreach increased substantially this month. We have had an influence on twenty Latino people, four of which are completely new to us. Two of the individuals are Latin young women both of whom will be deported for breaking their visa limitations. The rest of the twenty are young men, one of which is a young man with his wife and daughters, all here illegally and all needing the Lord. Rather than list all of their names, which would be difficult reading for those of you who don’t know the Spanish language, just remember this outreach activity on our part, that the Lord might bless it for his honor and glory.

I received a call from Mexico, from a young Mexican man, Omar Joaquin Bernabe, who had been here in our county jail a few years ago where I had ministered to him. He called me asking for spiritual advice for his family. He and his wife, Nadia, attend a Bible Baptist Church in Mexico. They have two children and have been married for seven years. The problems stem from his having been involved in drugs before they were married. I told him that he needs to be the spiritual leader of his family and take the initiative to begin having daily devotions with his wife and children. He said that he would do so as soon as possible, and that he would call me again sometime in the future to let me know how things are progressing. Please remember this young couple and their children in prayer.

Other Developments

Bro. Alvin Christian had moved to Tulsa for a few months during the summer but has moved back to Stillwater to live more permanently. He does not have a car, so we are picking him up and taking him home for each of our services.

By His grace and in loving gratitude,

Timothy and Roxanne Parrow