There may be several things about the following document I don’t particularly like, but it also contains some interesting information about one of our Baptist forefathers.

In the records of the First Baptist Church of Salem, New Jersey… “Be it remembered that on the 16th day of November 1791 the following agreement was entered into between the Revd Mr. Isaak Skillman and the Baptist Church and Congregation [at Salem]. The said Mr. Skillman covenants and agrees to be the pastor or minister of the Church and Congregation, to execute all the duties that a minister ought to perform in a church, agreeably to the Baptist Confession of Faith, preaching all funerals that he may be called upon to preach for said Congregation, preaching two sermons a day in the summer season [Sundays?], visit the said congregation twice a year formally, and not leave or absent himself from the necessary services of said congregation. And said Congregation and their trustees doth covenant and agree to and with the said Mr. Skillman to pay him for his labours and services the sum of one hundred and twenty five pounds per year to commence on the 14th day of August last. And further the said parties agree and promise each to the other that if any discontent on the part of the said Mr. Skillman, whereby he should wish to be dismissed from serving said Church and Congregation, and if any discontent should arise on the Church and Congregation’s part that they should wish to have said Mr. Skillman dismissed from being their minister, in either case they may, if either of them see meet, call the ministers and some of the members from Cumberland and Wilmington Baptist churches to judge between them and their determinations shall be binding on each party.”