Dear Pastor and Brethren,

The Lord has showered us with many blessings this month! Our attendance for the month was as follows: 13, 5, 9, and 10. We had several visitors, the Wright family from Columbus, Ne., visited with us one Sunday while on their way to see the total eclipse over in Ar. We enjoyed them very much. Other blessings include the 90th birthday of Sis. Elaine Maginnis who attends as faithfully as she can when not sick, and the return of Jose’s children, Jesus (hay-soos) and Josselyn, and his grandson, Zailin, to our service. They come sporadically from time to time when their father gets to keep them over the weekend. This month also was the 29th anniversary of Bible Baptist Church of Tenerife, Spain, where Bro. Jose Manuel Garcia is the pastor.

Spanish Outreach
We have helped the following Latinos with their language difficulties with their attorney and the judge: Nerio is from Venezuela and has legal problems from a strange accident that happened while operating his boss’s pickup truck. Alfredo has a DUI and is working off his community service with us. He claims to be a believer in Christ. Juan Gamez is in trouble for beating his girlfriend severely and has a domestic abuse charge. Anselmo was charged with domestic abuse for giving his wife Lydia black and blue marks on her arm while fighting with her in front of their two children. I translated the hearing for them that lasted five hours. Anselmo won the case but was warned by the judge that he would be incarcerated if it ever happened again. In addition to this work, we translated a good gospel tract for use in Bro. Gaches’ jail ministry on Sunday afternoons. We thank the Lord for His blessings and the opportunities He affords to help us be a blessing to others as we serve Him. Thank you for your prayers and giving to enable us to do this work.

By His grace and in loving gratitude

Tim and Roxanne Parrow

II Tim. 1:7