Dear Pastor and Brethren:

On Resurrection Sunday the Lord sent us seventeen people to hear His Word. That number includes four visitors, two first time and two repeating visitors. One of those new visitors came the following Sunday and seemed happy to attend, but has not returned since. Although we rejoice in the resurrection of our Lord every Sunday it seems that our new visitors do not.   Sadly, some people only attend services on Easter and Christmas. The following Sundays, we had thirteen, eleven, and seven people attend. That last number reflects one family in which the father had to work, and then the others not attending because of sickness.

Please remember Sis. Elaine Maginnis in prayer. She is an elderly faithful member who seems to have had a reaction to the Covid-19 injection that keeps her sickly with some kind of rash all over. Her doctors haven’t been able to find any relief for the problem.

On Saturday April 10th, Bro. Alvin Christian, Roxanne, and I went to a Hymn Sing at Bethel Baptist Church, Bro. Royce Smith, Pastor, in Choctaw, Ok., about an hour and twenty minutes south of Stillwater. We had a delightful time singing one hymn/song after another for two and a half hours, breaking and adjourning at noon for a nice lunch and some social fellowship. We missed this time of fellowship last year because Sis. Smith (the church pianist) had experienced a heart attack and was recovering. Happily, she has recuperated her strength and ability to play. We thank Bethel and her pastor for hosting this joyful event again this year in spite of the Covid-19 threat.

We had some, but not much, court activity for outreach to Latino men this month. We worked with Franklin Gonzales, Emmanuel Fernandez, Edgar Hernandez, and Rigoberto Segura. Depending on their charges, court activity, and attorney representation, we hope to have opportunities to talk with each one of these men about the Lord and give them some evangelistic literature to read concerning their spiritual need of the Lord Jesus.

By His grace and in loving gratitude,

Tim and Roxanne Parrow