Dear Pastor and Brethren:
Interesting Development:
Years ago, at the beginning of our ministry here, Roxanne and I witnessed unto a young umnarried Mexican couple and helped Jose find employment and them a place to live. They had been living in their car for lack of income. They came to our house and to our services several times until Jose got mad at me for something I preached in an evening service at the Best Western Motel here in Stillwater. Although we saw them from time to time, they never returned to visit our services until Jose called me and poured out his heart to me concerning the harm his eleven year old daughter was experiencing. Josselin had been bullied for several years in our public schools and gotten into wicked internet subject material. Her “friends” had encouraged her to kill herself, and so she tried different ways to comply with them. Finally, her father had to take her to the emergency room here in Stillwater, and they took her to a hospital in Tulsa that deals with these situations. She stayed in the hospital for about two weeks. During that time is when Jose called me and asked us to pray for her. I prayed with him over the telephone and invited him to come to the Wednesday evening service. He came, bringing his little boy, Jesus, and I preached a message in Spanish and English concerning the nature of sin and the need to repent from it and to trust in the Lord for salvation. Josselin returned home on the 23rd, and Jose brought her and Jesus to the following Sunday morning service. The children went to Roxanne’s Sunday School class, and Jose stayed for the preaching service. They have since returned indicating that they will continue to come. The mother, Alicia, has left them and is living with another older daughter. Roxanne and I visited them in their home way out in the country and talked with the mother and older daughter for two hours. Please pray with us for the salvation of  these souls and the health of Josselin.
Personal Health:

I turned 74 years old on the 22nd of this month and my electro-cardio-physiologist gave me an excellent review. He told me that I have had no problems with my heart at all over the last six months. I told him that the neuropathy in my legs and feet and my allergies give me more trouble than my heart. Thank you for your prayers and please remember to pray for us and the
work of the ministry here in Stillwater.
By His grace and in loving gratitude,

Tim and Roxanne Parrow