Winds and Windows (#69) – Malachi 3:10

The Winds of the Word of God:

What controls the wind (atmospheric pressure systems; the prayers of the saints; the prince of the power of the air; Jehovah)? Not prayer, at least not directly

What caused the wind which nearly sank the disciple’s little boat on the Sea of Tiberias (the sins of those saints, Jehovah; Satan; clashing atmospheric pressure systems)? The Lord??? Satan??? John 6:1

“Who hath ascended up into _______________, or ________________? who hath _________________ the wind in his _______________? who hath _________________ the waters in a _________________? who hath established all the __________________ of the earth? what is his _______________________, and what is his _____________________ name, if thou canst tell?” Pr 30:4

Who caused a fierce wind to immediately cease by nothing more than his verbal command (Jonathan; Jehovah; Jesus; Jerubbaal)? Christ Jesus

Who held the four winds of the earth so that they would not blow (Satan; Baal; four of Jehovah’s angels; Jesus)? Angels – Rev. 7:1

What did the wind have to do with Noah’s flood (it pushed around the flotsam and jetsam; it toppled the rafts of the wicked; it pushed the birds into the water; it dried the land)? Dried – Gen 8:1

What did the east wind in Pharaoh’s dream do to the seven ears of corn; it (blasted them; pollinated them; toppled them; harvested them)? Blasted – Gen. 41:6

One of the disasters which befell Egypt in the days of Moses was a wind which carried with it (the plague; hail; fox tails; locusts). Ex. 10:13 – the east wind brought the locusts

What reversed that disaster (Moses’ faith; Egypt’s repentance; an east wind; a west wind)? Ex 10:19 west

What was the great windy miracle of Ex. 14 (the death of the first born; the deliverance of an abundance of quail; the parting of the Red Sea and the drying of the sea bed; Moses was able to preach a twelve hour sermon)? The LORD caused the sea to go back by a strong east wind … and made the sea dry land

In Moses’ psalm, what miracle did the man of God ascribe to the wind (God’s power; the return of the sea; the drowning of the Egyptians; an aurora borealis)? Ex. 15:10 – Thou didst blow with thy wind, the sea…

From where did the wind come which brought quail to feed Israel (either Walmart or Safeway; the LORD; the east; the sea)? Nu 11:31 There went forth a wind from the LORD, & brought quails from the sea

In David’s song “in the day that the Lord had delivered him,” he described Jehovah as (high and lifted up; riding upon a cherub; sitting upon the east wind; flying upon the wings of the wind) 2 Sa 22 wings of wind

Where was Elijah when the heavens became black with clouds and wind, and there was a great rain (the Brook Cherith; Mount Sinai; crossing the Jordan; Mt. Carmel)? I Kings 18:45 – Carmel

Elijah, again, was impressed with a great wind; where was this second gale (Jezreel; Sinai; Samaria; Jerusalem)? Sinai – I Kings 19:11

What did the wind do in Job 1 (carried Job’s cattle out of Kansas; covered God’s glory; smote the corners of his son’s house; created a chinook cloud over the mountains)? Job 1:19 – smote the house

What was the immediate cause of that wind (Job; Satan; Christ Jesus; Jehovah)? The Devil

Job said that the wicked are like what before the wind (leaves; stubble; chaff; hail stones)? 21:18 stubble

Who are like the chaff which the wind driveth away (small children; the ungodly; kings; the proud)? Ps 1:4

Who walketh upon the wings of the wind (Jehovah; the LORD; God’s angels; the death angel)? Ps 104:3

Who, does the Bible say, will inherit the wind (the rich man, the foolish man; the sand man; he that troubleth his own house)? Pr 11:29 He that troubleth his own house shall inherit the wind

It was prophesied of Israel that, because they sow to the wind, they shall reap (wood, hay and stubble; the whirlwind; tares; death)? Ho 8:7 For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind

Whose ships were severely damaged by a strong wind in the Mediterranean Sea (Solomon’s; Jonah’s; Paul’s; Hiram’s)? Jonah and Paul

And they called that wind (Meriah; Eurooclydon; Wormwood; Katrina)? Ac 27:14 called Euroclydon




“The wind _______________ where it ________________, and thou hearest the ________________ thereof, but canst not tell whence it ____________________, and whither it ________________: so is every one that is ______________________ of the ____________________. John 3:8

The house built on the sand fell when (hurricanes eroded the beach; the rain descended; the floods came; the winds blew)? Mt 7:27 The rain descended,& the floods came, & the winds blew, & beat upon house

“When the messengers of ____________ were departed, _____________ began to speak unto the people concerning ________________, What went ye out into the wilderness for to see? A __________________ shaken with the wind?” Lu 7:24

From where will the Lord “gather together His elect” during the days of the Tribulation (all the nations of the earth; the seven seas; the four winds; the north and south wind). Mt 24:31 from the four winds

Before Paul’s ship was driven ashore, why did it sail under Cyprus (that was the shortest route to disaster; the winds were calm; the winds were contrary; the captain was incompetent). Ac 27:4 the winds contrary.

What was so strange about the sound of the wind of Acts 2 (it was indoors; there was no air movement; it was silent; it smelled like bacon)? Suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty

“Be no more ___________________, tossed to and fro, and ___________________ about with every wind of _______________________….” Eph. 4:14

“If any of you lack _____________________, let him _________________ of ___________________, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be __________________ him. But let him ask in ________________, nothing ______________________. For he that ________________ is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and _______________.” James 1:5-6

The Windows of the Word of God:

In what building is the first reference to a window in the Bible (the tower of Babel; the tabernacle; Jonah’s ark; Noah’s ark)? Gen. 8:6 – the ark

What is the meaning of that Hebrew word (window; door; brightness; noonday)? Noon – 23x; window – 1x

Where was that window (in the door; in the roof; in the side; at the back)? Roof???

What is the likelihood that it had a pane of glass?

Where was the second window in regard to the flood (into the kitchen; Heaven; Hell; Noah’s periscope)?

Who saw Isaac and Rebekah by looking through a window (God; Abraham; Jacob; Abimelech)? Abim – 26:8

What was special about Rahab’s window (it was the first bay window ever built; it had cedar lattice; it was over the city wall; through it went the twelve spies)? Jos. 2 – two spies

Which of the following escaped their problems through windows (Paul; David; Daniel; Joshua)? P & David

Which of the following fell out a window (David; Eutychus; Jezebel; Joseph)? Only Eutychus? – Acts 20:9

Who died after falling from a window (David; Eutychus; Jezebel; Theophilus)? Jezebel – II K 9:30, 32

What did Solomon see as he looked out his window (the sunset; an aurora; a foolish young man; a terrific lightning strike)? Prov. 7:6 – a foolish young man

Who shot an arrow out a window (Elijah; Elisha; Joash; Jehoahaz)? Joash – II King 13:17

Who got into trouble by praying in front of a window (David; Michal; Daniel; Rehoboam)? Dan. 6:10

Who sat in front of a window worrying about the return of her son; the mother of (David; Jesus; Clarence; Sisera)? Jud 5:28 The mother of Sisera looked out at a window, & cried through the lattice, Why is his chariot

Were there any windows in the Tabernacle? No

Were there any windows in the Temple of Solomon? Yes, I Kings 7:4-5

“Bring ye all the ____________________ into the ___________________, that there may be meat in mine house, and ____________________ me now herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not ____________ you the windows of _________________, and pour you out a _________________, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.” Mal 3:10