War and Weapons (#66) – Psalm 46:9

Biblical Wars and Battles:

The first war, of which we read in the Bible, was at (Eden; Babel; the Jordan Valley; Armageddon)? Gen.14

Who was the protagonist in this war (Adam; Noah; Abraham; Lot)? Abraham

The aggressors included (Amraphel; Arioch; Chedorlaomer; Gomer). Not Gomer

The victims included (Bera; Bara; Shinab; Shemerber). Not Bara

Collateral damage included (Abraham; Jacob; Lot; Laban). Lot

What is the likelihood that this was humanity’s first war (likely; unlikely)? Highly unlikely

The first time that Amalek fought Israel, the site was at (Sinai; Megiddo; Jericho; Rephidim). Ex. 17:8 – Rephi

Who won that battle (Amalek; Joshua; Israel; Jehovah)? Amalek lost – 17:13 – Joshua discomfited Amal

Was that the last time Amalek attempted an attack on Israel during the wilderness period (yes, no)? No

What nation defeated Israel after her murmuring over the report of the twelve spies (Egypt; Canaan; Amalek; Philistia)? Num. 14:45 – Canaanites and Amalekites

Does it make sense that a nation defeated less than forty years earlier could mount and win another war?

Arad was a king of what nation (Amalek; Amon; the Amorites; Canaan)? Numb. 21:1 – Canaan

Arad and his nation were defeated by (Joshua; Moses; Jehovah; Israel)? The Lord delivered them up

With God’s power Israel defeated Sihon, who was king of the (Ammonites; Amorites; Amalekites; Canaanites). Amorites

Who, despite Balaam’s help, was defeated by Israel – (the Philistines; the Midianites; the Amorites; the Ammonites)? Midian – Numb. 31

What was the first major city conquered by Israel in its taking of the Promised Land (Jerusalem; Ai; Jericho; Hebron)? Jericho

Would you say that the battle was typical of the war which was yet to come?

Immediately after Jericho came the victory at (Jerusalem; Ai, Hebron; Bethlehem). Ai defeat – 7:15

What which took place in that battle, was caused by (Israel’s skill; Israel’s pride; Achan’s heroism; Achan’s sin). Achan’s sin and Israel’s pride

After the taking of Ai, Israel’s next victory was at (Jerusalem; Hebron; Shiloh; Vicksburg). Jeru – Jos 10

It appears that the last victory in taking the Promised Land was over (the king of Tirzah; the king of Hazor; Jabin; Laban). Jabin, king of Hazor – Josh. 11

Judge Othniel defeated (the Philistines; the Canaanites; the Midianites; the Mesopotamians)? Meso – Jud. 3:10

Ehud defeated (the Philistines; the Midianites; the Moabites; the Mesopotamians)? Moab – Jud 3:26

Shamgar defeated the Philistines with (an ax; an ox goad; a sharp-pointed stick; a Gatling gun). Judg 3:31

Deborah and Barak defeated (Canaanites; Philistines; Moabites; Midian). Canaan – Judg 4:1-16

Gideon defeated (Canaanites; Philistines; Moabites; Midian). Midian – 7:9-25

Jephthah defeated (Ammonites; Ephriamites; Canaanites; gesundheits). Ammon and Ephraim – J 11 & 12

Sampson’s victory was over (Philistines; Soviets; Democrats; Canaanites)? Philistines – Judg 15

Which of the twelve tribes of Israel was virtually destroyed by the other eleven tribes (Judah; Ephriam; Dan; Benjamin)? Benjamin – Judg 20

Who was Israel’s worst enemy during the days of King Saul (King Saul; David; the Philistines; the Babylonians)? Philistines

Saul defeated (the Philistines; the Ammonites; the Amalekites; the Canaanites)? Both A’s – I Sam 11 & 15

David defeated (Philistines; Goliath; Jebusites; Moabites). All of these

There was war between which Israelite leaders (David and Saul; Rehoboam and Jeroboam; Asa and Baasha; Ahab and Jehoshaphat)? Not the last pair

What was the first part of Israel to fall to an alien enemy (Judah; Israel; Dan; the two and half tribes)?

During Rehoboam’s reign God judged Judah through (Egypt; Israel; Babylon; Syria). Egy & Israel – I K 14

At other times God judged Judah using (Ahab; Edom; Babylon; Syria). Not Syria – Edom – II Chron 27

Jehoshaphat and Jehoram united to defeat (Moab; Amalek; Philistia; Syria). Moab – II K 3

What country defeated Israel and took her into captivity (Syria; Assyria; Chaldea; Babylon)? Assyr – 2 K 17

King Josiah and Judah were defeated by (the Assyrians; the Egyptians; the Babylonians; the Medes and the Persians). Egypt – II K 23

Judah was defeated and taken captive by (Syria; Assyria; Chaldea; Babylon). Babylon; Chaldea

The Battle of Carchemish was fought between (Judah; Israel; Egypt; Babylon). Last 2 – Jeremiah. 46:1-8

Who defeated the Babylonians (Carthaginans; Greeks; Romans; Medes and Persians)? M & P – Dan. 5

Who eventually defeated those who defeated the Babylonians (Corinthians; Carthaginians; Greeks; Romans)? Greeks/Macedonians

Who eventually defeated the people of Alexander (Turks; Caicos; Vandals; Romans)? Romans

What country will Gog invade (Heaven; the United States; Israel; Babylon)? Ez. 38-39

When will the battle of Amageddon take place (it already has; the Millennium; the tribulation; soon)? 14:16

Will that be the last of all human battles? No, Rev. 19:11-21

“From whence come wars and fightings” in God’s saints (persecution; Satan; lusts which war in our members; the Holy Spirit)? Jas 4:1 From whence come wars and fightings among you? come they not hence, even

Who was charged to “war a good warfare” (the Ephesians; the persecuted; Barnabas; Timothy). I Ti 1:18

“Though we walk in the ____________, we do not war after the ____________.” II Cor. 10:3

Whose army does Jehovah fear most (Israel’s; Syria’s; America’s; Satan’s)? He fears none

Has there every been war in Heaven? When Satan fell????????

Will there ever be war in Heaven? Rev. 12:7-12

Has Jehovah ever lost a battle?

To whom will it given to “to make war with the saints, and to overcome them” (the President of the United States; the President of Russia; the beast; the antichrist)? Re 13:7 – the last two

Who while sitting on a white horse will “judge and make war” (the Holy Spirit; Christ; the Faithful and True; Satan)? Re 19:11 Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war

Who “shall make war with the Lamb,” but “the Lamb shall overcome them” (Satan and his angels; the beast; the ten horns; the ten kings)? All but particularly the last three

Weapons of War:

What weapon is mentioned in Ezek. 4:2 (sword of the spirit; epee; ram; slingshot)? Battering ram

Against whom was it prophesied to be used (Jerusalem; Rome; Israel; Babylon)? Jerusalem

Who is said to use this weapon (Jehovah; Christ; Nebuchadnezzar; the king of Babylon)? The last

What is this weapon called in Ezek. 26:9 (siege weapon; engine of war; crusher; basher)? Engine

That verse also mentions (boiling oil; rotten vegetables; arsenic; axes). Axes

A man that “beareth false witness” is like a man with (a sword; a sharp arrow; a mace; a maul)? Mace?

What is a maul (a scratchy thing; an ax; a club; a whip)? Club

According to Psalm 2, what sort of weapon will the Lord use on the unrepentant heathen (a rod of iron; the sword of the Spirit; the hatchet of bad health; the iron maiden)? Rod of iron

With what weapon was Jonathan proficient (sword; bow and arrow; tomahawk; AK47)? Sword & bow

With what did Absalom die (a knife; barber’s sheers; darts; an hangman’s noose)? II Sam. 18:14

In addition to these, David was also skilled in the use of (the harp; the sling; the scourge; tears). Sling

King Uzziah used some new technology in building machines to shoot (arrows; great stones; great balls of fire; rotten eggs and vegetables)? Arrows & stones – II Chron. 26:14-15

What did Joshua stretch out over Ai (his hand; his rod; his sword; his spear)? Josh. 8:18

With what did Saul try to kill David – apparently twice (poison; an asp; a javelin; sword)? I S.18:11 – Jav

If the people of Israel tried to touch or climb Mt. Sinai while Moses was receiving the law, they were to be executed (by firing squad; by lightning; by fiery darts; by darts). Dart – Heb. 12:20

What are the weapons of the Christian (anything with sufficient stopping power; the sword of the Spirit; the Word of God; graceful speech seasoned with salt). Col. 4:6; Eph. 6