Types – Hebrews 8:1-5

When the pastor refers to something in the Bible as a “type,” he is (speaking Biblically; pontificating theologically; talking Greek; wasting my time). The word “type” is most often used in a theological sense

The word is taken from (the printing industry; the Greek language; the Hebrew language; a really good thesaurus). “Type” comes from the Greek language

“Type” is a transliteration of the Greek word (topos; tupos; tokos; tuphlos). Tupos – place – figure

The word “tupos” is translated (figure; pattern; type; fashion)? All but “type”

When the pastor refers to a Biblical “type,” he is (trying to confuse you; trying to show off; speaking in allegories; suggesting that one thing is a figure of something else)? The last two

The subject and application of types (is Biblical; is subjective; is always authoritative; should be done with great care and sometimes a “little grain of salt”). Subjective and sometimes open to debate

When something is declared in the Biblical to be a type (everything about that type matches its antecedent; it should be preached as absolute; one verse usually proves the point; it is money in the bank)? None

In Acts 7, Stephen suggested that Remphan was (good for food; an idol; a figure of a god; a useful currency of exchange)? An idol god – Acts 7:43

Later he said that Moses built the tabernacle according to (the schematic drawings of Barzillai; the “tupos” given to him; the fashion that he had seen; materials at hand)? The tupos – the fashion – Acts 7:44

In Romans 5, Paul said that Adam was to Christ – (a forefather; a figure; a progenitor; a tupos). 5:14

Types of Christ:

Adam is a type of Christ Jesus in his (marriage; eating the forbidden fruit; headship over a race of people; wisdom)? Headship over His people – Rom 5:17-19; I Cor. 15:22, 45, 47

Noah is a type of Christ in (his ark building; the length of his beard; the saving of his family; witness before the wicked)? Not his beard

Melchizedek is a type of Christ in his (kingship; priesthood; genealogy; death)? Death??? All – Heb. 5-8

Isaac is a type of Christ in his (marriage; old age; death; birth)? “Death” – Gen. 22

Joseph is a type of Christ (in his treatment by his brothers; when he was stripped of his robe; when he was sold for silver; when he was unrecognized by his brethren)? All of these

Joseph is a type of Christ in his (rule over God’s saints; authority over Egypt; salvation of the people of God; Egyptian hair-style)? Not the last

Moses is a type of Christ in his (birth; early life; prophetical ministry; death)? G 42:8 – ministry, early life?

Joshua is a type of Christ in his (name; relationship to Moses; his timidity; victories)? Name & life

David is a type of Christ in his (birthplace; name; kingship; death)? Position – birthplace?

Solomon is a type of Christ in his (sinlessness; glory; family life; wisdom)? Glory and wisdom

Elijah is a type of Christ in his (sacrifice on Carmel; praying for rain; miracles; hiding from Ahab)? Miracles

Elijah is a type of Christ in his (miracles; powerful bones; poison antidote; raising of axe heads)?

Jonah is a type of Christ in his (visit to Ninevah; gourd garden; love of the wicked; resurrection)?

Jeremiah is a type of Christ in his (faith; sorrow; faithfulness; serenity)? Man of sorrows

Ezekiel is a type of Christ in his (Babylonian ministry; popularity; love of parables; love of pork chops)?

Ezra could be a type of Christ in his (leadership out of Babylon; zeal for the scriptures; mother Mary; his twelve disciples)? Neh. 8 – His teaching and preaching of the Word

Nehemiah could be a type of Christ in his (service for the king; leadership out of Babylon; love of Jerusalem; love of the Holy City). Holy city?

What events during the forty years in the wilderness might be considered types of Christ (the quail; the manna; water from the rock; the pillar of cloud)?

What happened at Marah which might be considered a type of Christ (victory over the Midianites; crossing the Red Sea; poisoned waters made pure; the giving of the law)? Waters of Marah

How is the Passover a type of Christ (the lamb; the supper with bitter herbs; the application of the blood; the passing of the Death Angel)? All of these

The offering of the first fruits is a type of Christ’s (holiness; sacrifice; obedience; resurrection)? Resur

Boaz is a type of Christ in his (lineage; redemption of Ruth; name; home town)?

The sin offering is a type of (God’s wrath for sin; Christ’s sacrifice for sin; the district attorney’s plea bargain; God’s purification of pork). God’s wrath and Christ’s sacrifice

The peace offering is a type of (the treaty of Ghent; the Christian’s thankfulness for salvation through Christ; a good night’s sleep; a tranquil home)?

Which of the goats on the day of Atonement was a type of Christ (the green one; the three legged one; the one that died; the one that was released)? Died and released

Types of God the Father:

Abraham is a type of God the Father in his (departure from Ur; sacrifice of Isaac; flight into Egypt; beautiful wife)? Isaac and wife?

Jacob might be a type of God (in his holiness; in his son Joseph; in his dysfunctional family; in his faith)?

How is Hosea a type of God the Father (in his name; in his wife; in his glory; in his grace)? Grace to wife

Other Old Testament types:

Elijah is a type of (the spineless saint; John the Baptist; Christ Jesus; the March hare)? John – Ma. 17:11-12

What was done for Adam and Eve which could be looked upon as a type of salvation (they were driven out of Eden; they were covered with skins; they were tempted; they were baptized)?

What might be considered a type of God’s constant blessing on His people (quail; water out of the rock; the pillar of fire; the manna in the wilderness)? Pillar and manna

The Old Testament feast of Pentecost might be considered to be a type of (mathematics; the coming of the power of the Holy Spirit; a rousing church service; a church building)? The Holy Spirit

The Feast of Trumpets might be considered as a type of (symphonic concert; music lessons; the translation of the saints; the second coming)? Return of the Lord

The Feast of Tabernacles is a type of (Israel’s wandering the in the wilderness; the building of the original Tabernacle of Witness; the Millennium)? Millennium

Noah is a type of the saint in that he (was saved through the plan of God: was married to one wife; escaped tribulation; he ate over-ripe grapes)? Saved and escaped

What do Adam’s fig leaves typify (salvation; embarrassment; false religion; ingenuity)? False religion

What does the Tower of Babel typify (man’s pride; man’s attempt at self-deification; man’s fear of heights; God’s glory)? First two

How is the Sabbath a type of the Millennium (rest; cold food; it will be the seventh century after creation; there won’t be any football games)?

What year is a type of the Millennium (seventh; 1949; 1000th; Jubilee)? Jubilee

Who did Abel typify (the saint of God; Christ; Satan; Stephen)? The saint; Stephen

Egypt is a type of (the United States; Heaven; Post Falls; the world)?

Lambs in the Bible could be types of (meat; sacrifices; pets; Christ)? Any of these Explain

A dove might be a type of (the Holy Spirit; the soul; Christ; birds)?

An eagle in the Bible might be a type of (Christ; garbage collector; a victorious army; the United States)?

A lion might be a type of (Satan; Christ; blessings from unusual sources; bears)?

A ram might be a type of (sheep; Christ; Greece; pickup truck)?

An ox might be a type of (sacrifice; farm animal; Christ; big brainless man)?

A serpent might be a type of (lawyers; sin; Satan; Christ)?