September 2018

Dear Pastor and Brethren:

New First-Time Visitors This Month!

The Lord has sent us five first-time visitors this month. Thurman and his wife, Needra, visited with us the third Sunday of the month as well as LaShonda and her teenage boys Dante and Deonta. LaShonda and her boys visited with us again the following Sunday but have not returned yet. We hope to give them a return visit soon. Thurman and Needra did not return to visit with us again. Earl Oswalt visited with us on the first and last Sunday of the month and Jacob Mason visited with us the last Sunday of the month. They both visit with us from time to time. We believe that the Lord is dealing with these folks, because they keep coming back from time to time, and we visit them as they respond to us. We pray for them and would appreciate your prayers for them as well.

Our Fifth Saturday Fellowship, a Success!

The Lord blessed us sweetly with our Fifth Saturday Fellowship meeting! It was our first time to host such a meeting, and all our people worked together smoothly to host it. We had twenty-seven people attend of which eleven of them were our folks and sixteen were guests. We had the congregational singing of three hymns, Victory in Jesus, Wonderful Grace of Jesus, and Ye Must Be Born Again. Two solos, and a men’s quartet completed the special music. The preaching was excellent with each preacher well prepared. All was accomplished by the leadership of the Holy Spirit and redounded to the glory of the Lord! Some notified us that they wanted to come but could not due to work and other restrictions. Thanks to all of you who made this meeting a matter of prayer for us. It was truly a blessing to us and those who attended, praise the Lord! A big thank you to all who attended!