September 2016

Dear Pastor and Brethren:

Our Postal Project Update

Victory Baptist Church of Loveland, Colorado, pastored by Bro. Justin Fulton, has sent us $700.00 for our postal advertising project in addition to their regular support of the work here. Now we have a total of $1,700.00 accumulated for that project which requires a total of $2,399.34 to be completed. Thank you brethren of Victory Baptist Church! Additionally, they think this project is a good idea and hope to implement it in their area. Please pray and give as the Lord directs your hearts and minds.


I have mentioned Bro. Ruben Torres as being a faithful visitor to our services since he began coming in August. Since then he has brought two new visitors with him to our services, Al and Joshua. We now have a total of eight people attending our services, and they are a blessing to us. Please continue to pray that the Lord might send to us those of His bidding. Starting a church with the standards of worship and doctrinal beliefs to which we hold is not an easy thing these days. I believe that the Lord has written “Ichabod” over the doorway of many churches and religious institutions for in them the “Glory of the Lord” has departed. The glory of man has taken the place of the glory of the Lord, and He is much displeased. It is our desire to start a church in which the main purpose is to glorify the Lord and Him only in all things. Your prayers are needed!

Latino Ministry

In the Latino ministry, we have dealt with the following people whose lives we have tried to influence with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Miguel Angel and Alejandro are friends who were arrested together for alcohol abuses. Marisol is a young woman with two children who has left her second live-in boyfriend and moved to Tulsa. She had traffic violations. Jose Juan Aguilar Rosas was involved in child molestation. Julio Flores was charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. Salomon had his equipment stolen out of his truck and had to report it to the police. Finally, Ignacio was charged with larceny of a motor vehicle, no drivers license, public drunkenness, and two other abuses. As you can see, these people and many more like them desperately need the Lord. Please pray for Roxanne and me as we try to reach these people with the gospel of grace. It is not easy, as you can imagine. Sometimes I think that we are the only ones who have ever tried to reach these people with the true gospel of God’s grace. We are ambassadors of the Lord Jesus Christ, by His grace and calling.

By His grace and in loving gratitude,

Tim & Roxanne Parrow