September 2-17 Report

New Visitors!

Dear Pastor and Brethren:

The Lord has blessed us with five first time visitors this month! Billie Barzee came for the first time on Sunday morning Sept. 24th, and she has now attended three times, each on a Sunday morning. Brayden and Khloie Torres, two of Bro. Ruben Torres’ children, came the first time on Thursday evening with their father. Bro. Torres’ wife, Jamie, and their son Gaven came on the last Thursday of September, the complete family being in attendance that evening. Their attendance was a great blessing to us and to Bro. Torres because we have been praying that Mrs. Torres and the children might visit with us. Indeed, Bro. Torres and his wife and family have been reunited, an answer to our prayers. We continue to pray for Mrs. Torres because she is reluctant to attend our services because of the doctrines of grace. She is a member of another religious society here in the Stillwater area whose pastor preaches against Calvinism. Please pray about this situation that the Lord might give wisdom to Bro. Torres to explain the doctrines of God’s grace in salvation and that the Lord might open the spiritual understanding of Mrs. Torres concerning these precious doctrines. We would love to have this entire family become part of this work but a lot of spiritual growth is needed in their lives before such a blessing can take place.

Another Outreach Planned

We are planning another outreach effort to begin in October. We have designed and had printed another visitation card with contact data and plan to begin going door-to-door to invite Stillwater residents to our services. As of this report we have had very little results from more than 9,000 postcards mailed out in May advertizing our church services. Bro. Gaches has paid for 1500 more visitation cards that Roxanne has designed to use in this upcoming door-to-door effort. Please pray that the Lord might bless this effort:

Latino Outreach

We continue to have some impact upon the Latino community with our efforts to share the gospel of Christ with them. This month we have dealt with Hector and his brother, Ismael, Ignacio, Antonio, Harsay, Jesus Reyes, and Salomon Cardenas and his son.

By His grace and in loving gratitude,

Timothy and Roxanne Parrow