September 13

John Taylor Jones was born into a Massachusetts Congregational family. While he was attending Andover College in preparation of becoming a Protestant minister, the Lord taught him the truth, and he began to attend the Baptist’s Newton Seminary. He was baptized and joined the Federal Street Baptist Church in Boston.
In February 1831, Bro. and Mrs. Jones traveled to Moulmein, Burma where John quickly learned the Burmese and Taling languages. Taling was spoken by one of the tribes living in Siam. When the brethren decided to expand their ministry into Siam, John Jones was the most qualified to lead the way. After his arrival in Bangkok, it was clear that to have the Bible in the Taling language was extremely important, so along with regularly preaching, Jones applied himself to the monumental task of translation. In addition to the New Testament and several gospel tracts, Jones left important notes for future missionaries to use in their on-going work among the Talings.
While on his last furlough in America, Columbian College honored Bro. Jones with the degree of Doctor of Divinity. Afterward he returned to Siam, where following an attack of dysentery the Lord called him home. His passing was on this day in 1851.