October 2019

A Difficult Month
The month of October was a difficult time for several of our regular attendees to the services. Sis. Elaine Maginnis has become very weak with what seems to be kidney problems and has not attended for several weeks. Bro. Ruben Torres’ wife obtained a divorce from him without him knowing anything about it. He was really shocked and hit hard by the sad news as were his three children who live with him. His wife received full custody of the children, but they continue to live with him. LaShonda has not yet found a new job although she graduated in the spring with a degree from one of the local universities. Joe Ball and Desirae work so much that we only see them about once a month. Please remember these folks in prayer before the Lord for their respective needs.
One New Visitor!
The Lord did bless us with the visit of one little girl named Olivia Hulet. She is a friend ofKholie Torres and in the second grade. Roxanne had three children in her Sunday School class that Sunday. Hopefully, her parents will let her come again.
Our Spanish Outreach
Roxanne and I had the opportunity to work with eleven different Spanish people, some with family members. Roxanne has been asked to teach two grade school Mexican-American little girls how to read in English so that they can keep up with their classmates at school. The parents only speak Spanish at home so that the little girls only get to speak English while they are at school. As a result, they don’t know a lot of English words and are behind in their school work. Roxanne teaches them twice a week for one hour each Monday and Friday after school. In addition, one of the little girls has hearing loss and a speech impediment. Her parents only speak Spanish and German at home, so she has special needs that are presenting a challenge in several distinct areas. However, Roxanne believes that she can help her learn a lot in spite of the difficulties. The mothers wait outside in their vehicles for an hour while their daughters attend the class. We desire to be an effective testimony for the Lord to these mothers and children as the Lord gives us opportunity. Please remember us in prayer about all these things, that the Lord might use us to bring these people to Him!
By His grace and in loving gratitude,

Tim and Roxanne Parrow