October 2018

Dear Pastor and Brethren:

Return Visitors This Month!

Mrs. Lashonda Dale and her boys, Dona’te and Deonta continue to come to our services as well as Brayden and Gaven Torres and Jacob Mason. We have lost Billie Barzee and Earl Oswalt, and so we now have eight faithful people who attend our services regularly. Please remember us in your prayers because it is difficult to lose one regular, faithful person especially when that person has been so carefully dealt with in spiritual matters and godly fellowship. We have not had any new visitors this month, but we are actively involved in our outreach program for the purpose of reaching others with the gospel.

Other Activities

In addition to our regular services, several of us from the mission work were able to attend the Bible Conference hosted by Bethel Baptist Church, Choctaw, Ok., Bro. Royce Smith Pastor. The preaching was good and the food and fellowship were pleasant. Again, all was a blessing to those of us who went to the conference.

Prayer Requests

Please pray for Bro. Phillip McGee’s wife who is unregenerate and has been antagonistic toward the things of the Lord. She has begun to soften somewhat and is now sitting down with Bro. Phillip to have a devotional with him on a regular basis. Pray that the Lord might continue to soften her heart and draw her to Him by His grace, using Bro. Phillip in the process. Her name is Korri, and she needs the Lord to save her.

Another request is for the salvation of Bro. Torres’ wife, Jaime. She made a profession of faith some time ago in a religious society and was immersed by them. However, she does not attend that religious society nor does she come to our services or let their children come except on rare occasions. This negativity on her part is a sorrow to Bro. Torres. Please pray that the Lord might soften her heart toward her husband and toward the things of the Lord. She needs to be truly converted.

Please pray for Bro. Alvin Christian. He is very faithful to come to all of our services. He rooms with Bro. Torres but needs a place to live of his own. His income is so small that he cannot afford the rental prices of the housing in this area.

Remember Sis. Gaches who needs back surgery for her scoliosis problem. One of the rods that support her back is broken and is close to perforating her skin. Her bones must be strengthened before she can undergo surgery, so please pray to that end. The Lord is able!

By His grace and in loving gratitude,

Timothy and Roxanne Parrow