October 2017

Dear Pastor and Brethren:

Another New Visitor!

Mrs. Alta Simpson began coming on the fifth of October and has visited with us since then two more times. She is an elderly lady and lives near the church building, so she has walked to each of the services. Roxanne and I gave her rides home after the services and have let her know that we are willing to give her a ride to the services as well. Billie Barzee also walks to the services and we have offered her the same opportunity to call us when she needs a ride. Please remember these two ladies in your prayers. Both seem to be religious, but so far we know nothing about their testimony of salvation.

Outreach Started!

The Lord blessed us with a good start to our door-to-door outreach service. We had five of the eight regular attendees come to the service. Some twenty houses were covered with some encouraging conversations with the people living therein. At the close of the hour, we highlighted the streets of the Stillwater city map that had been covered and prayed that the Lord might bless our new efforts.

Latino Outreach

We gave gospel tracts to Yessenia and Luis, Jorge Dominguez, Antonio, Eladio, Julio, Elmer, and Rolando. Elmer was arrested while speeding on the way to pick up his three little daughters who are in the custody of DHS because his wife is on drugs. He had no driver’s license and is illegally in the United States from Honduras. We worked with him and the authorities for about three hours in the area of the jail intake office. Brethren, these people need the Lord! Our country is indeed in great trouble with all the illegal immigration, drug activity, drunkenness, domestic abuse, and a myriad of other civil and legal sins. We are reaping the rewards of liberalism as it undermines our Judeo-Christian culture.

Bible Conference Preaching

I had the honor of being asked to preach twice in the Twenty-Second Annual Bible Conference hosted by Bethel Baptist Church of Choctaw, Ok., pastored by Dr. Royce Smith. Four other preachers also participated, Bro. Dan Cozart, Bro. Pat Horner, Bro. Mark Langley, and Bro. Matthew Villandry. We all seemed to be spiritually refreshed by the preaching, the praying, the good music and singing, and the good food and fellowship. The work here in Stillwater was well represented by the attendance of seven of us at the conference services. Praise the Lord!

By His grace and in loving gratitude,

Timothy & Roxanne Parrow