October 2016

Dear Pastor and Brethren:

Sad Event

On October 8th, Roxanne’s father died. The event was very sad because Mr. William Robertson was not a believer, although both Roxanne and I had witnessed to him on several occasions. Furthermore her entire family is unregenerate and will have nothing to do with the Lord. Such conditions made it very difficult for us to be of any help or comfort spiritually to the family members because they were not interested in the promises of God’s Word or the consolations of the Holy Spirit through God’s Word. It was a sad event indeed. However, we thank you for your prayers for us during this difficult time. We did see the hand of the Lord at work in several different ways during the ten days of our involvement with the family and relatives. We did have a safe trip there and back to Stillwater without negative incidents. So the Lord was good, giving us wisdom to behave ourselves wisely throughout the event.

The Mission Work

While we were gone for the funeral, Bro. Dick Gaches filled the pulpit on both the 9th and the 16th for me. Our two visitors continue to come to the services and seem to be enjoying the fellowship with us. I resumed preaching on the 23rd, and we are back at work with our focus once again on the ministry of the Word and establishing a church here in Stillwater.

The Latino Outreach

We have worked with Vincente Leija, Pedro Nieto, Juan Munoz, Jose Rico, David Gonzalez, and Jose Talamantes among others this month. Brethren, this is a difficult work with the immorality involved with these people.

Other Activities

We had the joy of attending the annual Bible Conference of Bethel Baptist Church on Friday evening the 21st of October. We heard Bro. J.C. Fulton, pastor of Coweta Baptist Church of Coweta, Ok, and Bro. Dan Cozart, pastor of Grace Baptist Church of Tyler, Tx.

Our Postal Project

I want to keep everyone informed about our desire to advertise to the Stillwater community about our existence. Our building is on a side street off of the main thoroughfares of the city, and few know of our existence. If you would pray about this with us and give as the Lord leads, we would appreciate it. Perhaps the Lord might be pleased to bless. We now have $1,700.00 accumulated for that project which requires another $2,399.34 to reach the total needed to send out an informative postcard to our 74074 area zip code.

By His grace and in loving gratitude,

Tim & Roxanne Parrow