May, 2019


Dear Pastor and Brethren:

Unusual Weather Month

The beautiful spring weather that blessed us in April turned into severe weather that swamped us in May. In the last three weeks of May we had over thirty inches of rain as measured in my rain gauge in our front yard. Flooding was the result of that amount of rain and our road was flooded in both the ingress and egress directions to our house. Our gravel driveway is heavily washed out, and I will need about fifteen tons of gravel to replace what was washed out. The worst part of the gravel road we use was to the south with about six feet of water covering the road. The north part was not so deep and dried up much sooner so we were able to get out and go to our services and do our work by going about six miles out of our normal way to get to Stillwater and back home. The heavy volume of water has washed out bridges and culverts in many areas making it difficult to travel. Many others here in Oklahoma were not so blessed but suffered damages from flooding, tornados, and hail. The Lord was good and gracious to all of us associated with the mission work for which we are thankful. The building in which we assemble did leak a little bit but the damage is repairable with caulking and paint. It seems that not so long ago I was reporting about the drought we were in here in Oklahoma. Now the Lord has made up for all of that lack with an abundance of rain.

Mission Blessings!

In spite of the rain, the Lord blessed us with two first-time visitors this month and some return visitors. Zach and Haylen were the two first-time visitors, two young boys that came with Deacon, the son of Desirae, who comes with Joe Ball. Joe Ball, Desirae, and her son, Deacon, come sporadically, and Deacon brought his two friends with him that Sunday. Eddie, the Native American man, attended the last Sunday morning service of the month for the second time. It remains to be seen what the effects of the preaching of God’s Word will have on these people. Truth, no matter how kindly I try to preach it, can have a repelling effect or a drawing effect on the hearer depending on the work of the Holy Spirit and the will of God for that individual’s life. LaShonda and her two boys have not returned since her graduation, but we continue to pray for them until we know more about their situation.

The Latino Outreach

The only new Latino man to whom we have ministered is Abdias. He is charged with the molestation of a minor child. He is very hard to communicate with and was beaten up in jail. Please remember us and these people in your prayers for this is not easy.

By His grace and in loving gratitude,

Timothy and Roxanne Parrow