May, 2017

Dear Pastor and Brethren:

Special Meeting Preached!

In April, Bro. Lindy Davis, pastor of Portland Baptist Church in Plumerville, Ar., called me and asked if I would be available to preach a series of five messages to Portland Baptist Churchy for their revival time. As both Roxanne and I had been praying about being used of the Lord in a greater way, I readily agreed to the task and began praying and studying to prepare the five messages needed for such services. Additionally, I was a little concerned about going the distance, living out of a suitcase, and preaching five times in a row since I had not done such since my last heart attack. Realizing that the Lord was answering our prayers about being used of the Lord in a greater way, I put all of those concerns aside and plunged into the work.

The revival services were planned for May 21st through the 24th and so the Lord laid on my heart the desire to preach a series of messages on the subject of the Fragrance of the Work of Christ Before His Father in Doing His Father’s Will. I attempted to show the Son’s subjection of His own will to that of His Father’s and His resulting obedience. As the Lord is our example, I made application of His obedience to our need for obedience to the Father’s will in our daily lives hoping to impart the need for a greater relationship with our Lord to provoke to greater dedication and faithfulness in our hearts and conduct.

Many said that the preached Word of God was a blessing to them. I pray that the preached Word of God might indeed bear fruit among the brethren of Portland Baptist Church. As for myself, the Lord blessed us with physical strength to do the work, traveling mercies, renewed friendship with a supporting church, and a greater dedication to serve the Lord in these difficult times.

Postcard Mailing!

Our postcard project was mailed on the 3rd of May and the Lord gave us almost immediate results. The Sunday morning following the mailing, two ladies from our area visited with us, Dorothy and Wilma. We had another visitor, Glenn Mays, at the same time giving us an attendance of ten in that morning service. Please continue praying that the Lord might bless this effort to reach our community.

Spanish Ministry

We were asked to help Salomon Jr. with his appendectomy hospitalization on the 10th of May and had the opportunity to talk with Artemio who says that he is of the Pentecostal persuasion, but apparently lost. Please remember all these persons and in your prayers for us that the Lord might draw them to Himself through our testimony and the Word of God.

By His grace and in loving gratitude,

Tim & Roxanne Parrow