March 2018

Our Visitors!

The Lord continues to bless us with visitors! This month we have had five first-time visitors of which one has continued to come back to our services. Bro. Phillip McGee came on a Thursday evening, our mid-week service hour, and has continued to come ever since. He drives about 50 miles one way to get here. We are happy to have him coming, and he seems to be happy to have the fellowship and teaching from God’s Word. He is a relatively new believer and zealous for the Lord. His wife, Korri, had double by-pass surgery about two months ago and hasn’t come with him yet to the services. Please remember Bro. Phillip and his wife in prayer. Additionally, Jacob Mason has returned after getting settled in a new apartment after his beating. We were able to contact him via Facebook. He sent us his address, and the brethren went to visit him during our visitation time. Hopefully he will continue to come. Wendy and her two daughters, Hannah and Naomi, came as well on a Thursday night. They are members of another religious society in town, as is Mr. Bob Duke, who also came on a Sunday morning. These were our visitors for the month of March! Thank you for your prayers. It seems like the Lord has begun to bless us with visitors after such a long time awaiting His blessings in that area of our ministry.

The Latino Outreach

We only dealt with two Mexican men this month, Marcelino Diaz and Antonio Rosales. I will continue to translate for them both, and have given a gospel tract to Mr. Rosales who is in jail. Perhaps the next time I am with Mr. Diaz I will be able to give him a tract.

A Special Personal Need!

I recently found two pieces of roofing shingle on our back patio as the result of high winds. After having two roofing companies come to look at the roof and give me an estimate, the insurance company said that I have about one or two years left before I will have to replace the roof. As it is, the ridge caps are beginning to blow off and all the granules on the ridge caps have been blown off from the wear and tear action of the wind. One of the companies, Oliver Roofing, has given me an estimate of $13,401.00 to put a new roof on the house. The other company, Hernandez Roofing, has given us an estimate of $10,608.00. Either way, brethren, I don’t have that kind of money although I do have some money saved up for such needs. Would you pray about helping us to save up more money to replace the roof? I intend to paint the ridge caps with liquid asphalt (tar) to slow down the action of the wind on them for a temporary fix.

By His grace and in loving gratitude,

Tim and Roxanne Parrow