June 3

In the records of the men who were first responsible for the evangelism of India we find the following:

“On June 3, 1784, at the Association of Nottingham, it was agreed to hold a prayer-meeting for the general spread of the gospel on the evening of the first Monday in every month. About three years after this, Mr. Carey was ordained pastor of the church at Moulton, and joined the Association. His mind from an early period seems to have been impressed with the state of the heathen world. In reference to this object he made himself acquainted with the geography, population, and religion of the various nations of the earth. and with the labours of Christians, both of early and later ages, in propagating the gospel. He also acquired some considerable knowledge of the learned languages. The subject having occupied so much of his attention, he would often converse upon it with other ministers. At length, after having been seven years engaged in praying for the spread of the gospel, some began to feel with Mr. Carey, that they ought to do something else as well as pray. Two sermons by Mr. Sutcliff and Mr. Fuller, the one on Jealousy for the Lord of Hosts, and the other on The pernicious influence of delay, made some impression. These were printed and followed by Mr. Carey’s Inquiry into the obligations of Christians to use means for the conversion of the heathen. A very impressive sermon was also preached by Mr. Carey at the Nottingham Association on Zion’s enlargement: and a pungent Circular Letter, written on Godly Zeal, by Mr. Ryland. The result was, that on October 2nd, the same year (1792) a Society was formed at Kettering for the propagation of the gospel among the heathen, and John Ryland, Reynold Hogg, William Carey, John Sutcliff, and Andrew Fuller, chosen as a Committee to carry the object into execution.”