June 21

George Pleasant Bostick was the first of three sibblings to go to China as missionaries. Together they gave 110 years to the Lord, preaching the gospel. Their mother was, at first, apprehensive about their work, but later testified that she wished all fifteen of her children had gone to the mission field.
G.P., as he was known, was converted to Christ at an early age and afterward joined the Floyd’s Creek Baptist Church in North Carolina. When, at the age of 18, he expressed God’s call to the ministry, and the church recognized the Lord’s hand upon him, he was licensed to preach. He pastored several small country churches, before being called to the First Baptist of Durham, NC. It was there that the Lord called him to work in China. For his next 37 years he served as a pioneer missionary, enduring privation, disease and violence in an effort to present Christ to the people of Shantung Province.
While on a missionary trip inland, his first wife died. After marrying another young missionary, she too died while he was away, but he carried on. He spent 52 of his 68 years serving His Saviour, mostly on the mission field. It was on this day in 1926 that G.P. Bostick joined his loved ones at the feet of their Saviour.