June 2017 Report

Dear Pastor and Brethren:

Three Visitors in June!

Friends of Bro. and Sis. Dick Gaches, Bob, and his wife Dana, visited with us from the state of Hawaii during a Thursday evening Bible Study. They come to visit their friends here in Stillwater about every seven years, and we were delighted to preach to them. Glenn Mays returned to visit once again on a Sunday morning, but Joshua Bruno has stopped coming completely to our services. Remember, he is the one who asked for scriptural baptism, but he found a girlfriend who is now living with him. Bro. Gaches and his wife visited his house and met his girlfriend and invited them, through her, to return to the services. I talked with both of them at a later time and invited Joshua to come and bring his girlfriend with him to the services, all to no avail. Thank you for your prayers concerning these matters. The Lord’s will is being done in them.

Final Update on the Postcard Project

Since the third of May when the postcards were mailed out, of the 9,125 postcards mailed, only 136 were returned to us by the U. S. Post Office. That means that 8,989 attractive advertizing postcards were received by someone at the address where they were delivered. That number covered the entire southern half of the city of Stillwater. It did not cover Oklahoma State University, the business district of Stillwater, or of course, the northern half of the city. We are still asking the Lord to bless the effort made and the money given to make this project possible. Two ladies came to a morning service, and Roxanne took two phone calls from people asking for a handout. Perhaps the Lord will yet use some of these postcards and the information on them for His honor and glory. Thank you for your prayers about this as well.

Latino Ministry

Law enforcement officers have only arrested fourteen Spanish men that needed our translation services since January of this year. We have given them gospel literature to read, as is our usual custom, while working with them. It seems like our President’s tough stand on illegal immigration is having its effect on the illegal Latino community here in Stillwater. They seem to be behaving themselves better with relationship to the law. Their better conduct is good, but we have less contact with them because of it. We will do our best to reach them as the Lord gives us opportunity.

By His grace and in loving gratitude,

Timothy and Roxanne Parrow