June 2016

Dear Pastor and Brethren:

Update on Our Evangelistic Outreach Opportunity!

Although we just started praying about and appealing to our supporting churches about doing a postcard mailing to residents in our zip code area, we already have some positive feedback and monies given for a good start. As of this writing, I have $1000.00 that has been given to begin this effort leaving us with only $3099.34 to have enough to do the mailing. Next month I will give more details, but may this suffice for the moment to encourage you brethren in this endeavor to pray and give as the Lord leads.

Latino Ministry

This month Roxanne and I have dealt with ten Mexican men through the court system, giving them good literature and a Bible to read. Instead of listing their names here, I would just ask for your continued prayers for this effort, that the Holy Spirit of God might move upon the hearts of some of these young men and give them an interest in the things of Christ, especially salvation.

We had somewhat of a scare with a young Mexican couple whose baby developed a high fever after having received his vaccination shots. Raquel and Rigoberto have a baby boy of four months named Christopher who Roxanne normally accompanies to the doctor to help and to translate for them. However, this time Roxanne did not go with them because they thought they could understand enough to do it without her help. At about 10:30 that same evening, Roxanne got a call from Raquel who said that Christopher was listless and red in his face, not responding in his usual manner. We asked her if Christopher had fever. She replied that he did not according to her thermometer. Because of the shots, we decided that Christopher needed to go to the doctor and Roxanne hurriedly dressed and met them at the emergency room of the Stillwater Medical Center. Christopher had a fever of 103 degrees. Raquel’s thermometer had broken and was reading normal. The emergency room doctors immediately took measures to hydrate and cool Christopher down and within about two hours he was back to his normal baby self. We thank the Lord for wisdom to make right decisions under such circumstances. We thank you for your prayers for us for wisdom to work with these Latino people.

Grace Baptist Church

We continue to do the work of the ministry of the Word of God with the folks of Grace Baptist Church. I am still preaching expositorily on John 10, the parable of the Good Shepherd. The members say that they are enjoying the study of the Word of God, finding it profitable for their spiritual growth in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

By His grace and in loving gratitude,

Tim & Roxanne Parrow

II Tim. 1:7