July 2018

Dear Pastor and Brethren:

Visitors This Month

We had five new first time visitors this month as follows: Sierra McGee, Cory Hardy, Easton Stephens, Travis Barzee, and a young woman named Angel. There is a story that accompanies each of these individuals about which space prohibits writing. However, I will relate the short story about the young woman named Angel. I was about halfway through my message when Angel appeared at the door and came into the short entry of the room that we use for our auditorium. She had long black hair and a black scarf around her shoulders and was nicely dressed. We invited her to come in and be seated, asked her name, and got her a Bible to use and a set of notes for her to follow. Then I resumed my preaching, relating the gospel in summary form before returning to my message. Within five minutes or so she arose and left the building just as quickly as she had come. I asked Bro. Ruben to check on her and within just a few minutes he came back saying that there was an older woman sitting outside who had accompanied Angel but would not come into the building. After the service, Angel came back in and told us that she wanted to know if she were welcome to come to our services. We all quickly assured her that she was welcome to come anytime. They live just a few doors away from our church building. We visited them during our following outreach service and invited them to come back We have not seen them since. I’m glad that I related a short summary of the gospel to Angel although the entire incident seemed strange to all of us. All of the five first time visitors are without Christ and all of them have heard of their need of salvation and the way of salvation through repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Latino Outreach

The Lord gave us opportunity to deal with five Latino men and one Latino woman as follows: Antonio Toledo and his wife, Narciso Pastrana, Ismael Alvarado, Eduardo Leiva, and Darwin Julian. The only one with whom I was not able to deal personally is Eduardo Leiva because he had stabbed another inmate some twenty-one times or so. I do not always get to talk to all the men personally in the jail for reasons you can understand.

Fifth Saturday Fellowship!

We have taken upon ourselves the opportunity to host what we call here in Oklahoma, The Fifth Saturday Fellowship Meeting. I have invited three preachers/pastors to preach each on one of the articles of faith from the New Hampshire Confession of Faith. The next fifth Saturday is September 29th, and y’all are invited. More on this as we get closer to the date, Lord willing!


By His grace and in loving gratitude,

Tim and Roxanne Parrow