July 2016

Latino Ministry

As you all know, before I had my heart attack I went to the Payne County Jail every Sunday afternoon to preach to the Latino men incarcerated there. A few months ago I received a phone call from a Mexican man, father of one of the young men who had been in the jail here. He could not find his son and asked me for help locating him. His son’s last known contact was in the jail in El Paso, Tx. By means of the internet, we found and called the phone number of the El Paso city jail and talked to one of the officers about Daniel Bernabe. He told me that Daniel was in the jail there charged with illegal entry into the United States and would be deported soon to Mexico. When Daniel’s father called me back, I told him this news and he was happy and relieved to receive it. Daniel’s father told me that the Word of God that I had preached to Daniel when he was in the jail here in Stillwater had helped Daniel spiritually. However, Daniel had tried to return to the U. S. A but had been caught at the border. Recently, I received another phone call from Daniel’s father because Daniel had not come home after his supposed deportation and they are praying for him and worried about him. Roxanne did some more research on the internet and found that Daniel had been extradited back to Stillwater to appear before the court for not coming back to court upon being released on a PR bond the first time during which I had dealt with him. So when Senor Bernabe calls me back tonight we will be able to tell him that his son is once again in the Payne County Jail here in Stillwater. We hope that I will be able to talk with his attorney or talk directly to him about his family’s concern for him and that he might return to his home in Mexico as soon as possible.

Extra Preaching Opportunity

On July 30th, I preached during the fifth Saturday fellowship meeting at Bethel Baptist Church, Choctaw, Ok., Bro. Royce Smith, Pastor, on the subject, “The Ideal New Testament Church Polity,” based on the thirteenth article of the New Hampshire Confession of Faith. I used two external sources in addition to the KJV Bible to “sweeten the subject,” The Ecclesiastical Polity of the New Testament by Alexander Carson and “An Affirmation of Congregational Polity,” by James Leo Garrett, Jr. There is a drifting away from congregational polity toward a semi-Presbyterian polity in many Baptistic circles. My message was given to bolster our faith in the God-given polity addressed in His Word.

Update on Our Evangelistic Outreach Opportunity!

We have given $500.00 to our evangelistic outreach effort through the postal system, and Portland Baptist Church of Plummerville, Ar., Bro. Lindy Davis, Pastor, has given $500.00 toward this effort, making $1000.00 now available to us. We only lack $3099.34 to have enough money to send a post card about our mission to every address in our 74074 zip code area. Please pray about helping us with this outreach effort and its effectiveness.

By His grace and in loving gratitude,

Timothy Parrow