January 2019

Dear Pastor and Brethren:

Off to a Good Start!

The Lord has given us a good start for the new year with four first-time visitors and six returning visitors. Mr. and Mrs. Joe and Desirae Ball came twice this month and her stepson Deacon came with them once. LaShonda Dale, a repeat visitor, brought her two sons, Dona’te and Deonta, and her niece Tyasia, who is a first-time visitor. Additionally, the three children of Bro. Ruben Torres: Brayden, Gaven, and Khloie, came on a Thursday evening for a Bible study class. We thank the Lord for these visitors and hope that they will return as the Lord deals with their hearts.

Hispanic Outreach

We had an unusual opportunity to witness to a Colombian couple. Isneriban Murillo Buitrago was needing some Spanish documents translated into English for his citizenship test. We were happy to translate those documents for him and also to give him and his wife a copy of Highest Questions Ultimas Preguntas, to read together. They were very friendly, and the following Monday we received a phone call from him telling us that he had passed his citizenship test. Additionally, we have met two other Mexican men, but have not been able to even give them a gospel tract because of their being incarcerated and closely guarded.

Hymn Singing!

On January 26, Saturday, several of us from the mission work went down to Bethel Baptist Church in Choctaw, Ok., to participate in their annual time of four hours of singing hymns. It starts at 10 a.m. and continues until 12:00, breaking for lunch until 1:00 and then singing until 3:00. It was and is a delightful time, and we give thanks once again to Bro. Smith and the brethren of Bethel Baptist for hosting the annual hymn-sing!

A Personal Note

Roxanne and I thank the Lord that we are in relatively good health and have been so for quite some time now. I still labor under the limitations as one who the Lord has permitted to suffer two heart attacks, and has a pacemaker, and now am losing my proprioception/balance. I have to exercise a bit of caution and avoid as much as possible heavily populated public places where the flu might be present. I sit in the car while Roxanne buys the groceries during the flu season, and that seems to help me avoid contact with those who might have the flu. We appreciate your prayers and giving to support us in the Lord’s work here in Stillwater.

By His grace and in loving gratitude,