January 2017

Latino Outreach

Thank you all for your prayers for the Salomon Cardenas family. Salomon called me the last Sunday in January and asked for the address of our church building. He said they were coming to our service, and that they were bringing a cake to share with everyone as a token of their gratitude for our prayers for them during the time of his cancer surgery. What a surprise! I have had many say that they would come to our services, but Solomon is the first to keep his promise. They came, and we had a bilingual church service, singing hymns in both English and Spanish, with me preaching in both languages. To say the least, it was an interesting service. After the close of the service, Solomon announced that his wife Raquel had made a flan cake. She brought it in, and we went to the fellowship hall and shared the cake with everyone, the members and other visitors warmly receiving the Cardenas family. Won’t you continue to pray that the Lord might draw this family to Himself and to us by His grace?

Our Postal Project!

Our postal project is approaching monetary fulfillment. The Lord has put a desire in the hearts and minds of two other churches to aid us in this outreach effort. The pastors of these churches have talked with me about this idea, and I have prepared a written sample of the information that I will put on the postcard. My sponsoring church, Bro. Oldfield, Pastor, has approved the idea and the information that will go on the front and back of the postcard. Roxanne has made a graphic design background for the front of the postcard resulting in an attractive and informative display. Hopefully we will be able to get this project in the mail sometime in February or March, Lord willing. Please be in prayer for this effort that the Lord might bless it and add to our number several individuals or families, those of His choosing. I will let you all know how this project turns out, especially those of you who have felt lead of the Lord to provide the money to bring this to fruition. May the Lord provide the increase!

Tim and Roxanne Parrow

II Tim. 1:7