February 25

On this day in 1775 Thomas Scrivner was born. He grew up in North Carolina with little more education than the ability to read and write. When he was 19 he moved to Kentucky where he was saved and baptized, joining the Tates Creek Baptist Church. He returned to North Carolina to marry Miss Esther Hamilton. The couple moved around from Tennessee to Missouri before returning to Kentucky where they united with the Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church in Glasgow.

In 1827 at the age of 52, Brother Scrivner entered into the gospel ministry. The Lord blessed his labors. On July 4, 1829 he organized the Fountain Run Baptist Church, 20 miles from where he lived in Glasgow. He pastored that church for 30 years when he wore out from over work and had to retire.

Thomas Scrivner lived in Glasgow, pastored at Fountain Run, but also regularly ministered in four other churches. Every Saturday he would mount his horse and ride 4 miles to Dover, or 10 miles to Peter’s Creek, or 22 miles to Gilead, or 20 miles to Indian Creek or to Fountain Run. It didn’t matter what the weather was doing, or how he was feeling, or what was going on with his wife and three sons. There were over 900 members in his 5 churches. He would spend two days with each church, preaching several times and counseling with those under the Lord’s conviction. He was not a great scholar or orator, but he was faithful to his flocks.

He died on July 16, 1864 at nearly 90 years of age.