February 2020

Much Sickness
The sickness that began toward the end of January has continued throughout the month of February within the body of believers and visitors that attend our services. Roxanne and I thank the Lord for His goodness to us since up until now we have not had to suffer from any of those viral infections that have been circulating in the Stillwater area.
Two Children Visit
Eric, about twelve years old, and his sister, Abby, in the second grade visited one Sunday morning and were in Sis. Roxanne Parrow’s Sunday School class. They are friends of the Torres children and came at their invitation. Young Eric came again to our service on Sunday night, but without his sister.

My Active Preaching Ministry
Presently, I am finishing the expository preaching of the Gospel of John chapter 19. I am using AW. Pink and John Gill as commentary on this Gospel. This preaching is done during the Sunday morning service, and I give a set of my notes out to all who attend the service. John 19 deals with the death of our Lord and is a wonderful study of His deity and perfect humanity as He is the God-Man. What an example He is for us to follow, although we won’t reach His perfections in this life! We will be like Him, someday, by His grace.
Thursday evenings we are studying the articles of faith of our sponsoring church, Calvary Independent Baptist Church. We are presently looking at the doctrine of the resurrection, article number fourteen, of our Confession of Faith. The Lord is blessing these studies with the spiritual growth of those who attend. Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we continue to preach the Gospel here in the Stillwater area.
By His grace and in loving gratitude,

Tim and Roxanne Parrow