February 2019

February seems to have been a difficult month for us here at the mission in Stillwater.

Bro. Dick Gaches hurt his knee severely and has not been able to take an active part in our services for about a month now. He went to the surgery center for surgery on his leg, and the monitors found an irregular heartbeat, so they sent him home with instructions to go to a cardiologist. The cardiologist has found nothing wrong with Bro. Gaches’ heart, but they have one more test to run before he can schedule surgery on his knee. Meanwhile he is hobbling around when he has to do some walking but has curtailed his movement to doing just what is absolutely necessary. Please remember him and Sis. Connie, his wife, in your prayers.

Others continue to come sporadically. Truman and Needra Stiner come when they are in Stillwater for purposes other than to serve the Lord, but at least they attend when they are in the Stillwater area. LaShonda Dale and her two boys came once this month but have not returned. She attends a university in Langston, Ok., during the day and works all night on top of caring for her two teenage sons. She is often troubled with migraine headaches. Please remember her in prayer. Joe Ball and Desirae have come two Sundays this month. Desirae’s son, Deacon, comes when he is not visiting with his father. Deacon is in the sixth grade. Additionally, we have lost a man who was visiting with us, but we are happy to know that he is attending services elsewhere. We are about to lose another man who is moving to Tulsa in March. However, we were blessed with ten and eleven people in our services in spite of the negative things happening. Bro. Torres’ children have begun to come regularly, and so Roxanne has begun a Sunday school class for the two young children, K.hloie and Gaven. We did have a pastor of another church in Cushing visit with us on a Thursday evening. We had to cancel another Thursday evening service due to inclement weather, and so all these things have contributed to a low slow month in the Lord’s work here in Stillwater. Keeping us in your prayers is important to us as we seek the Lord’s blessings numerically as well as spiritually for our services.

Sincere Gratitude

Roxanne and I sincerely extend our thankfulness to each of you pastors and churches for your faithful and consistent support of the Lord’s work here in Stillwater. Some of you have given love offerings and/or raised our monthly support, and the additional income is greatly appreciated. We couldn’t continue our work here without your love, support, and prayers.

By His grace and in loving gratitude,

Timothy and Roxanne Parrow