February 2018

An Update on Our Visitors!

Another first-time visitor came this month, Denzil Gilmore! He is a freshman at Oklahoma State University and without a job at the present moment. Earl Oswalt continues to come sporadically as well as Jacob Mason. However, Jacob Mason was assaulted on a Wednesday evening with a baseball bat and was discovered seated in an ambulance by the men of our Wednesday visitation group who went to visit him. They encouraged him again to come to the services which he did on Thursday evening but hasn’t been seen by us since. The Lord has been blessing us with other visitors, and we have been doing our best to point them to the Lord in both our preaching and visits with them. Please redouble your prayers for us in relation to these matters! Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it: Ps 127: la. We only want those whom the Lord would have us have. The ministry that the Lord has given us is not superficial nor numbers oriented. In contrast to the majority of religious societies today our standards are biblically high. Our gospel is not the gospel of “easy believe-ism,” but of repentance from sin and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. All must show evidence of that work of grace in their lives and spiritual growth as a result!

The Latino Outreach

Our Latino outreach has been slowing down, but we have been able to contact the following people: Jose Valdez, Antonio Rosales, Jorge Dominguez, Eladio Meraz, Harsay Gomez, Ricardo Gonzalez, and Miguel Angel Rodriguez. Most of these are involved in misdemeanors but a few of them are involved in felonies.

Blessings to Report!

We asked prayer for Sis. Connie Gaches last month and are happy to report that she is now doing much better with her health. She has not been able to return to the services yet, but expects to do so soon. When everyone attends the services, I preach to some twelve or thirteen people, a blessing as well. There is a desire on the part of all who come to learn of the Lord Jesus Christ, which makes preaching and teaching a blessing to me. All seem to be hungry to hear the Word of God!

By His grace and in loving gratitude,

Tim & Roxanne Parrow