February 2017

Dear Pastor and Brethren:

Our Postal Project!

Brethren, the Lord has been gracious to us concerning this postal project. Bethel Baptist Church of Choctaw, Ok., Pastor, Dr. Royce Smith, has given $1500.00 to add to our $1700.00 to bring us to a subtotal of $3200.00. Our home church, Calvary Independent Baptist Church of Post Falls, Id., Pastor, K. David Oldfield, has given us $2000.00 to put us over the top of our goal of $4,099.34. I have asked our people when it would be a good time to actually do the mailing. Agreement was reached on any day after the first of April. This is a university town with many distracting activities such as basketball, spring break, etc., so the first of April seems to be the best time to mail out our postcards after all of these things are finished. Now we need your prayers that the Lord might use these postcards with their message to inform and enable us to see new interest in the work, with new families visiting and being added as the Lord sees fit. Thank you all who have participated in this project by giving and praying. I will keep everyone updated as to the blessings of this project during the months to come, Lord willing!

Old and New Visitors!

On Sunday, Feb.10th, we had three visitors! Mr. Joshua Bruno returned after visiting some time earlier, and Mr. and Mrs. J. D. King attended for the first time. Mr. Bruno has continued to come faithfully, but we have not seen the King family again. Mr. and Mrs. Salomon Cardenas and family, the Mexican family, have had another difficult hospital experience. His small intestine wiggled itself through a hole in the mesentery left by the cancer surgery and became swollen almost to the point of bursting. We caught it just in time and the surgeon pushed the small intestine back through the hole and then closed the hole so it won’t happen again. They haven’t been able to visit although Salomon said that they want to visit again sometime. Please continue to pray for these people and their need for the gospel and God’s work of grace in salvation.

Administrative Activity

I have become busy working on a church covenant, articles of faith, constitution, bylaws, and policy for a new church. I have asked my sponsoring church pastor, Bro. Oldfield, for these instruments of polity of our home church to use as a guideline for the organization of a new church. To me, it is extremely important to express these principles as clearly as possible for the glory of the Lord and to avoid confusion in the hearts and minds of the brethren. I need your prayers in this as well as for the brethren here, that we might be wholly scriptural and of one mind, being led by the Holy Spirit. We are expecting our Lord to bless!

By His grace and in loving gratitude,