February 14

There is quite a bit of evidence for the very ancient history of the Baptists in Wales. There are some who believe that the first Baptist church in that country was started by Paul himself, but whether or not that is true, Baptistic people were there long before the development of Roman Catholicism.

On August 23, 1711, the (Baptist) church in Blaenaugwent, Wales held a special service for their pastor who was soon to leave them. He had been there for more than fifteen years, but he was leaving because he felt that the Holy Spirit was sending him to America. His last message to the church in Wales was transcribed and we have it today.

Pastor Abel Morgan and his family traveled to Bristol, and on September 28 they sailed for America. Traveling in the late fall and winter on the North Atlantic is always dangerous, and the tiny ship was driven back to England for three weeks. Again they tried, but they made it only as far as Cork, Ireland, where they waited an additional five weeks. On November 19, they were finally able to set sail. Then on December 14 the Morgan’s son died, and three days later his mother followed. Both were buried at sea. Without a doubt, Pastor Morgan, was tried and greatly grieved, but with complete confidence in the sovereign God, he persevered without complaint.

Finally on this day (February 14) in 1712, Abel Morgan arrived in American and soon took up his work in Penepeck near Philadelphia, and he labored there until his death ten years later. Among Baptist sir names, Morgan has a high and honored place.