February 10

John Meglamare was born in 1730. His parents were Presbyterians, and through them John grew up very concerned about his soul. But concern is not enough. Prior to his conversion he moved to North Carolina where he began to hear the gospel preaching of several Baptists. As an adult at the age of 34 he was born again and was subsequently immersed in water, joining the Kehukee Baptist Church. There he grew quickly in the doctrines and service of his Saviour.

Soon after his conversion, Bro. Meglamare began preaching the gospel both at home and itinerantly in North Carolina and northern Virginia. His church saw the Lord’s blessings in his ministry, and called for his ordination. That took place on this day in 1767. When his pastor died, the congregation looked to the newly ordained man of God to assume the pulpit. He served the Kehukee church for five years.

After several visits to Sussex County, Virginia, a group of believers there sought to have a local Baptist church where they could attend regularly. They pleaded with Bro. Maglamare to settle among them. After much prayer, he felt that was God’s will, and a church with eighty-seven members was formed. Over time four other churches came into existence with God’s blessings and Bro. Meglamare’s regular visits. Eventually he settled into a new ministry at Blue Run Baptist Church and God’s blessings abounded even more.

At the age of 56 John Meglamare moved to Kentucky, beginning a new phase of his ministry. He he served the Lord in that region for the last twenty years of his life.