December 2016

Dear Pastor and Brethren:

Our Last Report for the Year 2016

The year 2016 is about to close. After looking at our December 2015 report, I see that the Lord has given us two visitors that come to our services consistently. Comparing the 2015 report with the report Im making today, we are now seven in attendance consistently as compared to five with a sporadic visitor in 2015. One of our visitors has expressed his desire to become a member of the mission, but carries so much sinful baggage from his past life with him that we believe it best to have him wait until he is able to correct some of the issues with which he is dealing: spiritual, marital, and legal issues. Additionally, the Lord has enabled me to resume preaching on Thursday evenings and we have five who consistently enjoy studying the Bible with us. These facts show some numerical growth, which we certainly need, not to mention the spiritual growth with which I see the Lord blessing us. We are grateful to the Lord and you all for these blessings, the Lord working through you all to provide for us that we may continue to serve Him.

Latino Outreach

We continue to work with several Latino men, but one man and his family stands out from the rest. Salomon Cardenas called to ask me if I would accompany him and his wife, Raquel, to the hospital to translate for him to have a colonoscopy. I agreed, and unfortunately for him, they found a large cancerous mass and a small cancerous polyp in his colon. The doctors wanted to operate almost immediately, so Roxanne and I continued to translate for them and continue to translate for them while they are under the stress of it all. However, beyond translating, the Lord has given us several opportunities to minister spiritually to them. Space prohibits relating the entire story, but to let you know just a little, Salomon is doing very well after a surgery that removed the major part of his large intestine. He is accrediting his rapid recovery to our prayers and spiritual ministry, and both he and his wife are promising to come to our church services. His sister and mother came up from Mexico to be with them for a short time during and after the surgery. We met them and were able to minister spiritually to them as well. Salomon and Raquel have two young sons, Salomon Jr. and Emanuel. Please pray with us that the Lord might draw this family to Himself and use us to guide them to Him.

Our Postal Project

Please remember that we still need $2,399.34 to be able to pay for a postcard mailing to our area zip code. We have $1700.00 at the moment. Can you help us with this project?

By His grace and in loving gratitude,

Timothy and Roxanne Parrow