August 23

In 1886 J.H, Spencer wrote “A History of Kentucky Baptists from 1769 to 1885″ in which he said, “If a traveller had passed through the whole breadth of the settled portions of North America, in 1799, he would have heard the songs of the drunkard, the loud swearing and the obscenity of crowds around taverns, and the bold, blasphemous vaunting of infidels, in every village and hamlet. If he had returned in 1801, he would have heard, instead, the proclamation of the Gospel to awed multitudes, earnest prayers in the groves and forests, and songs of praise to God, along all the public thoroughfares.” Spencer was describing a revival of God’s truth at the turn of the 19th century.
In a letter dated August 23 1802, David Lilly described the revival which he witnessed in South Carolina. “A great work of God is going on in the upper parts of this State. Multitudes are made to cry out, ‘What shall we do to be saved?’ A few days ago, I returned from our [Associational meeting]. We have had a truly refreshing season. A vast concourse of people assembled on Saturday, and considerable appearances of solemnity soon took place; but no uncommon effect till Sunday later in the evening. Then the Lord was pleased to manifest his power to many hearts.
“On Monday the work increased. The hearts of many were made to melt; and several men, noted for their impiety, were stricken and lay among the prostrate. I must acknowledge it was a memorable time with my soul…. Such a degree of brotherly affection as appeared among the ministers and messengers of the churches, I scarcely ever saw. It was enough to melt the heart of the greatest infidel living…. Be assured, my brother, the Lord is doing great things for his people in this country.”
It is not beyond the Lord’s power to do the same today. But is the average Christian ready for such a moving of the Holy Spirit? Is anyone anticipating it or praying with faith expecting it?