August 2018


Dear Pastor and Brethren:

No New Visitors This Month

The Lord did see fit to send us four return visitors, Braden, Khloie, and Gaven, the children of Bro. Ruben Torres, and Earl Oswalt. Earl Oswalt’s girlfriend died. He arrived home in the afternoon after work and found her dead in the trailer where they were living. We had visited them several times, but his girlfriend would never come to our services with him. He came to church once after her death, and we have not seen him back in church since, although we have seen him in other places. He says that he has to work on Sundays and so is unable to come.

Some sad news, we have discovered that about three months ago, Mr. Rick Chester, who used to come to our services with his Filipino wife and her four children, committed suicide. We had diligently worked with that family for over a year when they suddenly became upset with us and quit coming. Nothing we did could persuade them to return. Our hearts are saddened by this terrible event.

Our Upcoming Fifth Saturday Fellowship!

We are announcing again the upcoming Fifth Saturday Fellowship meeting which we will be hosting, Lord willing, on Saturday, September 29th, beginning at 10:00 a.m. The brethren of the mission are all excited about hosting this event. I have invited Bro. J. C. Fulton, pastor of Coweta Baptist Church in Coweta, Ok., and Bro. Matthew Villandry, pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Wagoner, Ok., and Bro. Dean Robinson, preacher and long time friend, to preach on three articles of faith as stated in the New Hampshire Confession of 1833, Of a Gospel Church; Of Baptism … ; and Of the fall of Man. The mission work is planning on providing special music before each preaching session which will begin at 10:00; 11 :00; and 1:00, respectively. We have assigned men to pray daily for each preacher. In addition to these things, two of the men have painted the floor of the area where we will eat together and two of the ladies are working with the curtains and cleaning the building to spruce things up a bit for our coming event. We have sent emails out to many of the churches and pastors of like precious faith and order inviting them to come. Please pray with us and for us as we host this even, and come if you can!

A Personal Note

I have lost my three piano students with whom I have worked for the last three years. The family is moving back to Nevada, Mo., where they are from originally. We will miss them sorely. The parents home school these children and were members of another church here in Stillwater, but they did visit with us on several different occasions.

By His grace and in loving gratitude,