August 2017 Report

Dear Pastor and Brethren:

Two Work Days

Two photos are included in this report showing some of the work accomplished to spruce up our old building a little bit. One is a picture of the brethren standing on the new porch of the main entrance to our building. Bro. Dick Gaches and Bro. Reuben Torres are responsible for tearing down the old porch and ramp and building the new porch. The second is a picture of the paint crew who helped Bro. Gaches and Bro. Torres paint the outside of our building. Bethel Baptist Church of Choctaw, Ok., sent three of their brethren, Bro. Royce Smith, Bro. Bill Willingham, and Bro. Tom Hinson up to help us. We finished the work in basically one Saturday morning, giving it a new, clean, white appearance. We are very grateful to Bro. Smith, Pastor, and the brethren for their help with the painting. Needless to say, we had a good time of fellowship as we worked together. Roxanne did a lot of cleaning inside of the building while we worked outside, and so we have a fresh clean building to attend for our services.

Return Visitors! We were happy to receive Alfred and Cheryl Smith during one of our Thursday evening services when they visited us. They are from Ponca City, a town north of Stillwater about 45 minutes away. They are an elderly couple who comes to Stillwater to keep doctors’ appointments and do things that they cannot do in Ponca City because it is a smaller town. Cheryl is a member of the Episcopalian church in Ponca City and goes there from time to time. They both need the Lord, and have come several times in the past to hear me preach. Please pray for their salvation.

Spanish Outreach

I had the wonderful opportunity to witness at length to Juan Carlos who came to our house to do community service with us. When he finished his 35 hours of work, I gave him several gospel tracts in Spanish written on many different subjects. Hopefully he will read them and the Lord will use them to open his eyes spiritually to his need of salvation.

By His grace and in loving gratitude,

Timothy and Roxanne Parrow