April 22

Richard Fuller was born on this in 1804 in Beautfort, S.C. When he became of age, he entered Harvard College to study law and eventually became a lawyer. Back in Beaufort, Fuller heard the gospel preaching of Daniel Barker. A revival swept through the community and a great many of the more prominent residents were born again.. One of these was Richard Fuller. Later he said of his conversion, “My soul ran over with love and joy and praise. For days I could nether eat nor sleep” for joy.

He had been raised an Episcopalian, but with his salvation he gave himself to the work of Christ among the Baptists. He was baptized and joined the Baptist Church in Beaufort. Soon after that he was ordained and became its pastor. When he first took the pulpit the church was weak, but after 15 years it had increased to about 200 white members and 2,400 blacks.

In 1847 he left Beaufort to pastor the 87 members of the Seventh Baptist Church in Baltimore. Under his ministry it grew to about 1,200. At that point he departed with a few other members and started the Eutaw Place Baptist Church where he remained for five years before retiring to Heaven on October 20, 1876.

The historian Thomas Armitage says of Richard Fuller, “The writer once heard him when he showed himself to be a perfect master of in the art of oratory, by denouncing the tricks of the orator in preaching. He wove one of the most fresh, vivid, and finished pieces of oratorical denunciation against dependence on pulpit oratorical effect that a man could put together.”